From where?? To be honest, I had to check the map as well! Xiamen (pronounce: Shah-men) is a city in the South East of China. The city played a big role in the country’s shipping industry and is well-known for the university and the Buddhist temple Nanputuo. I also paid a visit to the little island Gulangyu. I ran into some pretty interesting things… Check it out!

IMG_0545Taking the ferry to Gulangyu Island. A traffic free Island with about 20.000 inhabitants and a piano museum. The Island is very popular amongst chinese tourists.

IMG_0546Gulangyu is the place to be for newlyweds! This was one of the many couples I ran into that were doing a photo shoot.

IMG_0525Busy streets of Gulangyu.


Asians love food! Especially seafood. Lobster, sea snails, shrimps. The fresher the better.

IMG_8161..or would you rather have scorpions, beetles, tarantula or dried seahorse? :-)

IMG_8179You can find these chicken feet snacks right next to the candy bars! (stop me at any time)

foto (1)I’m huge in China! 6’2” including top knot.. :-)

IMG_0542In the west we like love ourselves some spray tans, bronzing powders and sun beds. But in the east it’s all about whitening products. Face masks, hand cream and even deodorant have whitening in them. Most of the mainstream brands have a special range for Asia.

IMG_0573At the entrance of the Nanputuo temple. The temple is situated at the foot of a mountain. After a good clime (not for amateurs) you get rewarded with a beautiful view of the city..

IMG_0582..if it’s not foggy that is.

IMG_0587Chinese street style.

IMG_0591See you on my next trip?

Love, Mishanou

pictures and  text: by Mishanou Montero

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