When you’re a flight attendant, the world is literally at your feet. You get to travel the world and amazing destinations are just a work day away. We all have our favorite go to places, where one is the happiest traveling to the Caribbean the other prefers hanging out in the Far East. Even though I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, you’ll hardly catch me on a flight to South Africa. Counting this last trip I’ve only been there three times in all these years. The ugly part of the South African history, Apartheid, has ‘just’ ended in 1990 and it seems that it’s ghost is still lingering. One of the reasons I don’t like to go there often. Although there seems to be more and more togetherness (even mixed couples) there is still a very long way to go. A short while ago I decided to request a trip to Johannesburg and in stead of locking myself up in a hotelroom for a few days, I went looking for some creative places in stead. Did I find it in Joburg? Well read on and find out.
joburg market

First stop: after a small but extensive research I found out I needed to be in the area Braamfontein. Because that’s where all the cool Joburgers (or Braamies) would hang out. Every Saturday this little Insta-worthy alley, Neighbourgoods Market turns into foodie heaven with all kinds of food stalls,  Juta street.
joburg nelson mandela

No longer among us but never forgotten, Nelson Mandela.

joburg father

An absolute must: having a coffee break at Father coffee. Next to very good coffee (and tea for me) you can also get cold pressed juices. If you are still waiting to get discovered you need to hang around here. This place is a very popular hot spot for creatives, magazine editors and scouts. While I was inside getting a tea a girl was scouted and immediately interviewed next door by a local magazine. How cool is that?73 Juta street next to the Neighbourgoods Market.  

joburg uncle mervs

One of the baristas at Father coffee was telling me about his plans to go to the Maboneng Precinct after work. Curious as I am I wanted to know more. He told me that Maboneng was a nice area to hang out because Braamfontein basically had just one cool street. So the next day I grabbed an Uber to go and see if the barista was right. After about a 25 minute drive it was time for a break at this cute little place Uncle Merv’s first, East Side Of Inner City, Kruger Street.

joburg banana bread

Enjoying a slice of fresh banana bread in the sun (on a leopard print plate, #love).

joburg maboneng

Welcome to Maboneng, a super cool precinct where you’ll find all kinds of inspiring Joburgers hanging out.

joburg hello africa

Hello Africa Marketplace, this little pop up store carries many different kinds of local goods. Clothing made by the very popular Shweshwe fabric (also known as the denim of South Africa). But also Masai fabric pillow cases, African jewelry and shea butter products. Definitely worth paying a visit, on the corner of Main Street and Kruger Street.

joburg green grocer

Health freak alert! Getting some local and organic goodies at the, recently opened, Green Grocer.

joburg grocer shopping

Next to fresh fruit and veggies you can also get all kinds of chutneys and olive oils. I took home a baobab infused jar of honey. Craftsmen’s Ship, 260 Main Street.

joburg baobab honey

Rooibos, hemp and baobab infused honey, yum.

joburg maboneng market

The quest continues! A street market with merchants selling vintage and new clothing, self made jewelry and art.

joburg maboneng garden

This is where you need to be for a nice casual lunch. The gorgeous courtyard of Canteen, 268 Fox Street.

joburg moad

Art lovers, make sure you stop by the MOAD, Museum of African design, 281 Commissioner Street.

joburg soul souvlaki

The name is a give away but Soul Souvlaki is where you need to be if you are craving some Greek food. Pita with lamb and tzatziki, they got you covered. joburg cocobel

Hipster much? If you still have some space left after dinner Cocobel is where you can get some fro-yo, dessert and smoothies, 18 Albrecht Street (next to Soul Souvlaki)

joburg origin tea

Time for some original Rooibos tea! A Origins coffee they will serve you slow drip coffee as well as a good cup of tea and wifi.

joburg slow drip

No generic teabags over here but loose tea served with a small hourglass, Origins coffee, Arts on Main, on the corner of Fox en Berea Street.

joburg maboneng scene

Did you know Maboneng is a very populair location for fashion shoots and tv/film recordings? Lights, camera, ACTION!

joburg the maboneng

The Maboneng Precinct is a super cool and creative area to hang out. It is a melting pot of artistic people, foodies, fashionistas, coffee lover and has a very good vibe. So good to see how the city is positively changing. So when in Joburg, you have to visit Maboneng!



xx Mishanou

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