When my good friend Gemma told me she had planned her first trip to New York I immediately requested a flight to my second home. It is so nice to meet up with friends when they are traveling. And I am glad I get to do that because of my job (even though sometimes it’s just for a day). The flight to New York was approved and so it was a green light for our meet up. Although being organized and well prepared as she is, Gem did ask me if I had any more New York tips. I love to be in The Big Apple but hotspots come and go so fast over there it’s hard to keep up. When you are visiting the City for the first time you can’t really avoid the clichés. You have to go to the top of The Empire State building and you can’t afford to miss The Brooklyn Bridge. But being a self proclaimed New Yorkie connaisseur, which places do I absolutely avoid when I am in town? Where not to be in Manhattan.


Okay, to be honest with you, I love me some Amsterdam but I don’t like going to the main shopping street. Too crowded and too many tourists. But the only Zara stores in town are in this part of the city. If I ‘have’ to go it’s at ten in the morning straight after opening. So you’ll understand I try to avoid Broadway (where many of flagship stores are) as well. Luckily it’s a big city so multiple stores, like Sephora, in different neighborhoods. 

Times Square

Yes, I just happened to be in the neighborhood but the iconic Times Square is not on my frequent ‘to visit’ list. Strobe lights, too much going on and not necessarily the prettiest part of the city. I used to dream about celebrating New Year’s eve there but now it seems like a nightmare. Just drive through sitting in the back of a cab for the vibe and leave it at that.

Walk the line

What you really shouldn’t do when in Yorkie is stand forever in line. Some stores like Abercrombie & Fitch make you queue up to create the illusion of being very exclusive. If you really want to visit the tourist attractions like Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock, order your tickets online in advance so you don’t have to spend your precious hours in line. ‘We’re on the list’ ?.


Not very original (they can be found on every corner of the street) and not even the best coffee, Starbucks. So when you see one, keep on walking. There are so many other nice, good coffee and tea places to be found. Why not try Birch, Cha Cha Matcha or Black Fox Coffee in stead? You’re welcome.


Bloggers hot spots

Yes, of course I stalk other ‘influencers’ Instagram pages to find out where they are getting their picture friendly açai bowls. They only down side to these ‘bloggers hotspots’, due to the popularity there are always lines and the staff isn’t always super friendly. They will have guest regardless. So in stead of going to trendy places like Two hands and The Butchers Daughter why not go to small (and still unknown) lunch spots? One of the alternative places you can get a kick ass açai brekkie or lunch is at Green Symphony. It is actually an organic deli. Not the trendiest but good and affordable. As for the rest, put on your most comfy shoes and just explore!


Have you ever been to New York and which spots would you rather not visit again?

xx Mishanou

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