Don’t be surprised when the staff at Café Gratitude in LA will ask you this question. When they asked me, I didn’t have to think very long. I know I have to count my blessings, but having a crazy busy life I don’t do this as much as I would like to. Café Gratitude is all about eating healthy, clean, vegan and being thankful. I know it sounds a bit esoteric but it’s actually quite simple. Many of us have the tendency to talk (and think) about what we don’t have or what we don’t want happening to us. Constantly talking about what you don’t want, gets you more of just that. So talk about what you do want instead and be thankful for what you do have while you’re at it. And you will be rewarded with more awesomeness. Not only do they have the yummiest dishes here but being conscious about all the goodness in your life just gives you a good start of the day. I definitely wanted to visit this place again. Even if it was just to have another heavenly turmeric latte. I had yet another trip to LA planned (yay) and this time with my best friend (and co-founder of TTA) Maurits. He wasn’t really thrilled when I told him where I wanted to have breakfast (‘affirmations? No way.. and I ain’t doing that vegan stuff’). But when I told him he was going to have the best breakfast burrito ever, he kinda caved. I even got him to answer the question of the day! Want to know more about my Gratitude experience and what I am grateful for? Check out below.
I am

The dishes all named after positive affirmations like, I am: satisfied, abundant, dynamic and marvelous.

Behold! The Bonita! The best vegetarian breakfast burrito ever (and Maurits totally agreed..).
juice it

And of course you can enjoy all kinds of healthy cold pressed juices here.

I am..

café gratitude

In the LA area? Visit Gratitude in Down town LA at:  300 S Santa Fe Avenue,  639 N Larchmont Boulevard or 512 Rose Avenue in Venice.


What I am grateful for:

first and foremost for my Peaches, the most awesome, funniest, sweetest and best mom in the world (actually, her name is Esther) my family and friends (I have the best tribe in the world, thank you guys!) my health and freedom. I mean, how wonderful is it to live in a country where you can be free and safe..? (of course I am grateful for much more things but I don’t want to go all Oprah on you guys.. haha!)

Favorite things (in random order): the September issue of any fashion magazine, anything cashmere, fresh bread, a good workout and taking a very long shower afterwards (including facials and stuff), fresh clean bedsheets, good music, LA, Nutella (with a spoon), beach at Curacao between 4 and 6 pm, a fresh manicure, Trail mix! (pure bliss), Bose earphones, fresh smoothies, (lots of) bracelets, fresh coconut water, free parking, licorice, the sun, getting an oldskool hand written card in the mail, talking on the phone with your bestie for hours until you realize you’ve been sitting in the dark for a while (and probably ran out of all your minutes for the rest of the month), Target, fresh pineapple, eight hours of sleep, chai latte, pink peonies, fast track lane, ketchup, New York, love, red lipstick (Ruby Woo, I love you!) tiny chocolate covered gingerbread cookies (a Dutch treat) and anything Cartier, Chanel or Hermés (in that order) 😉

What are you grateful for?

xx Mishanou


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