Being a lifestyle blogger can be quite strenuous. You can’t leave the house unprepared. Which means: always pack an extra outfit, throw a good pair of heels in your backpack and always have your camera with you. And make sure it’s charged (and I can’t tell you how many times I forgot to take my memory card out of the laptop). Bloggers are always looking for a cool background (or back drops in Insta terminology). I love me a good colorful backdrop because it makes your Instagram feed pop and stand out. The best place to find a good backdrop is definitely in Sao Paulo, Brazil. You can find loads of street art throughout the city but the most fun place to shoot is at Beco do Batman (The Batman Alley). You’ll find many amazing wall art from various graffiti artists. After shooting cool stuff for your visual diary you can hang around this area all day. The Bat alley is situated in a very cool and bohemian area. And I can my fave brekkie here, #happiness. Want to know just what area I’m rambling about? Let’s go!


First things first: starting the day with my fave brekkie (and sometimes lunch and even dinner) açai bowl. A smoothie made of the açai berry which is found in the Brazilian Amazon. It is said to be packed with antioxidants and that is a superfood. I just really love how it tastes. You can get a simple cup of açai basically everywhere in Brazil (I happen to make a mean açai bowl myself) but one of the popular places to get it is at Açai Frooty. Because the waiter and I were both ‘lost in translation’ I didn’t get further than granola (somehow the banana got lost) but it was delicious anyway. Do you want to get something savory in stead? No worries, Frooty Açai also is also serving salads and other dishes.


If you want to avoid standing in line at Frooty Açai make sure you get there before lunch time.  700 Rua Natingui, Vila Madalena.


The next stop in the boho area of Vila Madalena is Ò Cha. A tea house where you can choose from at least 40 different teas from all over the world. This place is too cute because 1: it’s pink! And 2:!. On the steps you are greeted by a slightly overweight cat (still don’t know if she was preggers or just fat). And after a short climb you the very friendly staff  will be there to welcome you.


Kitty Cat wasn’t really bothered..


The bistro’s interior will remind you of your Nanna’s living room. Very colorful, bold and cozy. Besides pastries and crêpes you can indulge in pasta’s and sandwiches as well.


Take a seat next to the window and you’ll have a good view of the street. Nothing more relaxing than ‘sipping on a cuppa’ and checking out (and silently judging) people that walk by. Don’t forget to ‘put your pinky rings up to the moon!’.


You’ll find Ò Cha at Rua Aspilcuelta 194, Vila Madalena.


Back to what we came for, the cool backdrops. Before you get to Beco do Batman you’ll run into some other graffiti alleys first. Like this one where I found a fusion between Star Wars’ Yoda en Mickey Mouse (C-3PO is so confused..).


Arrivée! Finally arrived at Beco do Batman. You can consider it as an open air gallery. It first got the nickname Batman Alley in the 80’s when artist first started with a Batman graffiti. Nowadays the alley is being maintained by locals and you can find new art every now and then. The alley is also a magnet to bloggers and  that use the street as their catwalk and studio.


Of course I needed to fill in Insta stories and Snapchat on this cool place. You can find Beco do Batman at Rua Gonçalo Afonso and Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque.


Don’t forget to stop by at the street Rua Harmonia when in Vila Madalena. Next to all kind of bars, restaurants and boutiques (like Laiá) you’ll also find (my fave place to get hand soap and cremes) Aesop.


Obrigado, Brazil!


xx Mishanou



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