The tagline of my blog reads ‘Living out of my suitcase, the world is my office’. And it couldn’t be more true. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job(s), but sometimes having a fulltime job, and a blog, and maintaining a social life, taking an occasional course, exercising and trying to have a clean house can be a little overwhelming. (I guess I need to read my own blogs more often on how to be more organized.) This past month I could count my days off on one hand and I was literally living out of my suitcase. So my blog didn’t get as many updates as I wanted. Usually I switch easily between all the different countries, colleagues and passengers, but now I was getting a bit confused. I would wake up without knowing where I was. ‘Wow, I don’t remember having these curtains?’ Or in which country I was ‘what’s the exchange rate for Krona? Francs Mishanou…in Switzerland they have Francs’. During check out I would give the wrong hotel room number. And the latest habit, waking up with my head on the night stand or on the other end of the bed ( sometimes you unconsciously turn your head to the direction in which you usually sleep). Many of us lead crazy busy lives. Want to know how a crazy busy week of hopping around the world looks like for me? By all means, continue reading.Barça

First stop, lovely Barcelona. Fun in the sun, great food, breathtakingly beautiful architecture and of course, the main reason I love Spain, Zara is much cheaper here! Pick up my copy of Bogey (thats Spanish for Vogue) and off I go.


Grüezi Zürich! Waking up in Zürich today. First, updating Instagram, hang out at the mall instead of the gym. Have a lovely dinner with colleagues and then straight to bed for a very early start the next morning.


Where am I? And is it still 2015? Oh, hi Budapest! Walking through the streets of this beautiful city. Paris ain’t got nothing on you, you’re gorgeous! Getting my shopping on, have a nice and inexpensive dinner, testing my new camera lens and on to the next destination.


Hei hei, Norway. Going solo in Stavanger. Mission: finding a Pipi Longstockings like house for the perfect Insta backdrop (yes, #addicted). Ask a random yet reliable looking person to take the picture. Do some organic grocery shopping, dinner for one at the hotel and trying to get a early night in again.


Two days off to unpack my suitcase, do the laundry, work out, see friends and family. And getting my uniform back from the dry cleaners, pack my bag again and off to Accra I go. Crap, still didn’t get to finish my blog..

Accra market

Switch to the busy streets of Accra.

And photobomb in 3..2..1! Buy some Shea butter (yay!) and fresh coconut juice and then straight back to the hotel to catch some vitamine D sun rays.


So this is basically what a week in the life of The Trend Attendant looks like. New Years resolution, planning my work schedule and spare time more efficiently and lets kick the scripted reality habit (waste of your time anyway). Bring on 2016 and 2.0!


xx Mishanou





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