About three and half years ago I became the proud owner of one of the most wanted and iconic bags ever. The legendary Chanel flap bag. Before she came into my life I was placed on a waiting list, had sleepless nights, frantically checking my messages to see if the boutique called, the works. When the time arrived for me to finally pick up my baby something went wrong. I couldn’t pick her up myself (my bestie did) and I missed my so called ‘Chanel moment’. The ‘how’ is such a long story so I will tell you all about it in another blogpost (soon on le blog). Anyways, I’ve been meaning to down size (remember the post about Amsterdam and biking with a Chanel bag?) and I had a small Chanel sister on my wishlist for quite some time. I decided to go to Chanel in Paris to get a second chance for missing my moment (and because you have more options over there). Do it well or don’t do it at all so I decided to have my first Chanel moment in the first ever Chanel boutique, the one on 31 Rue Cambon. Want know how that went (and what the hell is in that little white box?) check it out below. On y va!

I packed my weekend bag with a ‘Chanel moment worthy outfit’ and also made sure I packed my first born (you can’t go to Chanel looking all scruffy you know) and off to Paris! After driving for a few hours (and a couple more on the Péripherique) I safely arrived in Paris (and I could also tick of ‘driving in Paris’ of the bucket list). No time to waste and after a quick shower I went straight to le boutique. Another reason I really wanted to go to this particular Chanel boutique is because Mme. Gabrielle ‘Coco‘ Chanel use to live in the apartment above. If you’re lucky you can have a look around (by invitation only). Note: the apartment doesn’t have a bedroom because Coco used to sleep in the Ritz Carlton, not far from Rue Cambon.

When I was just around the corner from the boutique I slipped into my stilletto’s (no, I don’t walk around like heels all day like Victoria Beckham) and I was ready for le moment. When I entered it looked like Chanel also had Black Friday, it was super crowded! As I knew exactly what I wanted I went straight to the first sales associate I could see. At that moment the security guys got a bit nervous and started talking into their headsets. Turned out there was a line to get assistance (!) and I was basically skipping it. A friendly sales lady asked if I could stand in line (how chic, haha!) and if I wanted anything to drink. My mind said ‘champagne’ but wisely I asked for a glass of Evian in stead (I get drunk after one glass of champers, you know..). Of course I started talking with the other people in line (I can’t shut up to save my life, honestly..). The gentleman in front of me was from LA and he was standing in line for his wife, who was running around the boutique. ‘She has no idea what she wants’. Also in line was a guy from Brazil. Because he just happen to be in Paris a friend of his asked if he could get a bag for his wife. Now that’s a friend for life. After waiting in line for a few minutes it was my turn and I was escorted to the desk where Anne Sophie, a pretty French lady with Asian roots was waiting for me with a glass of Evian.

Luckily my bag was in stock (no waiting list shenanigans) but to extend my stay at the boutique I asked if I could see other colors. After a little while the decision was made and while I was at the register my new baby was being gift wrapped. Anne Sophie handed me the little white bag (Rue Cambon is the only boutique where you get a white bag with the street name in black, in all other boutiques you get a black bag just with ‘Chanel’ in white). While handing me the bag Anne Sophie asked if I wanted to take a picture at the entry of Chanel’s apartment. Back in the day Chanel used to have fashion shows here and she would always sit on the fifth step (five was her lucky number) of the stairs to watch the models and the reactions of the guests. Because of the strategically placed mirrors nobody could see her. Would I? Yes please! And so my Chanel moment became official at the stairs of Coco Chanel’s apartment!


Le moment.



Paparazzi shot.



Meet the latest addition to the family. A red WOC or wallet on chain in lambskin leather and silver hardware. Welcome babe!



‘We’ll always have Paris’


xx Mishanou


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