If you have ever taken a peek on my Instagram page you might have noticed I have this thing with color. Not only do I like colorful clothing (bright colored prints, yes please!). But I also love colorful backdrops to brighten up my feed. Where many people keep their Insta feed super sterile I’m here to bring some color into the world. Before traveling to any particular destination I research if there are any must see backdrops. Or if a certain street artist finished any new work and if there are any colorful buildings. Along the way I’ve collected my favorite go to places for the best backdrops all over the world. Want to know where to be for the best colorful backgrounds and what my fave backdrop destination is? Keep on reading!

backdrop LA

Los Angeles where it all began. You haven’t been in LA if you didn’t take a pic in front one of the angel wings by artist Collete Miller. Her message: to remind humanity we are angels of earth. You can find a lot of Colette’s work all around LA and even though I’ve ticked of two, there is still a Melrose pair of wings on my wish list. I found these across the street from Magnolia’s bakery 8989 W 3rd Street.

backdrop panama

You won’t be disappointed when it comes to color when traveling to Mid or South America. Wherever the sun shows itself all day, the colors will be popping. That’s why Casco Viejo (old town) in Panama is also on the list. Although it wasn’t sunny when I visited the yellow painted wooden wall brightened up the whole street.. and my Insta feed ?
backdrop beco

A must visit for every backdrop lover, Beco do Batman (the batcave) in Sao Paulo. An alley with graffitied walls only. So pack multiple outfits of the day and start shooting plenty of ‘looks of the day’. WhereR. Gonçalo Afonso, Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo.

backdrop new yorkie

It took me a while before I could shoot these bleeding hearts by James Goldcrown. Every time I went to New York to find them someone else already painted over them. I kept an close eye on James’ Instagram account and during one of my last trips I finally hit the jackpot. Fresh new hearts and of course I took multiple shots of them. Location: L’asso Pizza, on the corner of Kenmare street and Mott street.

backdrop osaka

It was like walking in a maze to before I could find this backdrop. Found this wall on the web and wrote it on my to visit list when I traveled to Osaka. Nobody in the area could tell me where I could find it so I strolled around to find it myself. After a short while I ran into it and because the alley was quite narrow I had to work with the self timer to take the shot(which I never do). You can see the final result on my Insta ?. Where: wijk Nakazakicho.

backdrop seoul

Some serious competition for the Lalaland wings! Ran into these beauties whilst strolling around in Seoul (and my outfit coincidentally matched with the background) This and many more cool murals can be found in Ihwa-dong mural village. A village turned open air museum by the works of a couple of artists.

backdrop accra

Can’t go wrong with an bright colored wall. Just before I flew to Accra I found out my colleague Keisha was spending her summer break there. We arranged a meet up and photoshoot in the West African city and thanks to her I now know how extremely photogenic that place is. Many bright colored houses so, backdrop heaven.

backdrop berg altena


backdrop pietermaai

backdrop curacao

However…my absolute number one when it comes to ‘best backdrop location ever’ has to be my dushi island, Curaçao! I don’t know any place that has a better collection of colorful buildings and houses. And it just so happens to be we have our own pair of angel wings in Kaya Angel (Angel street). So forget LA, New York and Sao Paulo..Curaçao is the place to be for the best backdrop!


xx Mishanou

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