To do lists have become a regular part of my life. But whenever I travel to a Scandinavian destination those to do lists become ‘to buy’ lists. Aside from rummaging through small boutiques and discover (yet) unknown brands I also love to check out mainstream stores like Gina Tricot and Acne Studios. During one of my last tours of Europe I had a layover in Bergen, which I think is one of the prettiest places in Norway. Sunday morning and I had some time (and money) to spend. I’m used to a 24 hour society where you can shop until late in the evening but in Norway, Sundays are actually real Sundays. Everything was closed so I guess shopping wasn’t an option. Only if I wanted some souvenirs, because a few of those shops were open. So what’s a shopaholic to do? Of course, I could read a book but I decided to just go for a walk instead. Want to know if I found anything interesting along the way?   

Bergen is so pretty, it looks like you’re walking trough a real life postcard. Don’t forget to take a camera because you’ll have a lot of Insta snapshots to take. And that crisp air just seems cleaner in the Northern Hemisphere. Did you know Bergen is the second biggest city of Norway? And can be found on the World Heritage list?

Ah! Interior design store Ting is open for business. Scandinavians have a ‘thing’ for design so always nice to check out the latest trends on interior design in this store. Ting, Bryggen 13.

Ting sells one of my favorite stationary brands, Ban-do. Mostly well known for their agendas and (life)planners (with loads of stickers) and because you can.never.have.enough notebooks.

Continuing my brisk walk. It looked a bit gloomy but during the summer this Pippi Longstocking-esk village looks a lot more friendly.

From the sky everything looks better.You can always take the little cable train (the only one in Scandinavia) to get a good view of Bryggen. If you missed one of your gym session that week, you can also walk all the way up. Vetrlidsallmenningen 21.

Ok sun, you can come out now.. The view from mount Fløyen.

This will always get me back in a good mood, Scandi candy! Luckily Norwegians understand just how heavenly licorice is and it’s one of the few places in Europe (besides the Netherlands) where you can get really good licorice (can you feel my passion?) Dig in..

When all the shops are closed, you can always mingle with the local Vikings! (Mom, meet Lars!)

After the brisk walk I wanted to get out of the cold and went looking for a coffee place a colleague had told me about. Kaf was supposed to be somewhere in the village but even with google maps I kept going in circles. After I finally found it (and after all that Scandi candy) I thought it would be a good idea to have some Skinny Minny Bluebird tea.

Kaf looks more like a trendy vintage living room than a café. It’s very cosy and if it’s too crowded inside you can always take a blanket and go outside, Scandi style (and it’s better for your skin ?)

Want to listen to a particular song? You can use the jukebox slash iPad to play some music. At first I thought it was this new trendy thing to not have wifi but turned out it just wasn’t working that day. So normally Kaf is very blogger-laptop proof.

Next to coffee and all kinds yummy of tea they also serve home made organic dishes. This lentil soup was seriously the best lentil soup I ever had! #truestory.

So if you happen to be in Bergen on a Sunday, take a brisk walk, after that settle down at Kaf, chill out and have.that.lentil.soup! Jacobsfjorden 4.


xx Mishanou

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