Do you know what I spend most of my paycheck on? Clothing? Jewelry? No..the answer has got to be: food! I’m a borderline health freak and always running around in organic supermarkets. Having a healthy diet is very important, you need to keep your little engine running. The other day I ran into an former co-worker and she asked, ‘are your still doing the whole healthy thing? Yes, because ‘word on the airplane’ was you would just eat halve a grapefruit during the flight…’#shade. Haha! As if.. Well let me just tell you that it is all well balanced. I do eat healthy but I also eat hamburgers! That grapefruit was just a starter. Another reason for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is because my job isn’t exactly good for your health. The red eye flights (they don’t call it ‘red eye’ for nothing), having to eat your dinner at the most bizarre hours. Then there’s the irregularity. And you can’t always find healthy stores while traveling. Next to finding the latest hotspots during my trips my other goal is to find out where they serve healthy (preferably organic) food. This time I’m sharing a few Asian healthy hotspots and a few of my fave recipes!


My never ending quest for organic juice bars! After having a major fight with the taxi driver (the trip was too short and I couldn’t find my purse fast enough in my overly packed bag pack) I safely arrived at this very minty, industrial looking juice bar.

freshigh juice

Loving it. The juices are served in either glass bottles or ‘Mason’ jars. So much better than plastic. The damage: warm (yes!) orange/carrot/turmeric juice and yoghurt with fresh pineapple and granola. You’ll find Freshigh juice bar (designed by the Dongqi architects) on 88 Shaanxi road, Shanghai.

organic thai

From Shanghai to Bangkok. My after flight ritual when I travel to Asia: first a powernap and have dinner and go back to bed for a good night rest. Just like the other day in Bangkok. I wanted to get a mani and pedi first but because it was too busy at the salon I changed my plans and went to have dinner first. My colleague was quite picky about food so it was going to take a while to find something to both our liking. After walking for about five minutes this sign that said ‘no MSG, no preservatives, no frozen food’ caught my eye. I was really craving Thai food and luckily it was in stead of a ‘Western’ restaurant. Score. When we entered the place looked more like a cosy hipster living room than a Thai restaurant. Turns out the Thai owner is married to a Swedish man, hence the fusion interior. Another reason for that cosy living room feeling was the couples extremely cute kids (baby girl Freja and toddler son Harley (her husband really rooted for that name she said, haha!) were playing in the back. Anyhoo, we ordered some small dishes with lots of greens like Morning Glory but also chicken satay. Another recommendation is the sugar free lemon grass ice tea. Yai Yaa Thai is situated at 839 Silom road, Bangkok. A must visit!

organic food

mojito bike


My fellow açai addicted colleagues Sylvia and Colinda send me a DM on Instagram about this place. And, of course, I just had to go there as well. Even if it was just for the cool name, Brekkie an organic juice bar hidden in the middle of Bangkok (I seriously thought the driver was taking me to Cambodia..). The açai bowl: delish! And Brekkie is very Insta-worthy. ? Brekkie, 49/11 Khlong Tan Nuea, Bangkok.


The Trend Attendant’s faves:

Fresh turmeric tea

Never flying without my thermos (gosh that sounded nerdy..). I always drink hot water and freshly grated ginger and turmeric on board. Usually I add a bag of green tea as well. Turmeric has many many health benefits: anti inflammatory, it boosts your immunity, anti fatigue, anti aging, it’s a natural painkiller to name but a few. When you are grating turmeric, make sure you keep the part you are holding unpeeled. Other wise your fingers and nails will be bright yellow all day. Oh and remember to add a little grounded black pepper to your tea. Black pepper increased the absorption of the turmeric.

Overnight oats

If I really like a dish or recipe, I’ll have it all day, every day. Ok, not every day, but you get the idea. This next recipe I’ll usually have as a pre-workout brekkie. Overnight oats. I really prefer cold oatmeal to warm. I would fill a Mason jar with oats and add cold coconut/rice milk and leave it in the fridge overnight. The next day I would throw it in a blender and add raw cocoa nibs, a banana, three dates, a big spoon of peanut butter, some cinnamon and maca powder and some more coconut/rice milk (but you can use any milk you like). This is so good and gives you enough energy for the entire day!

Fave green juice

My go-to green juice. The meal prepping(cutting everything to make sure it fits in the slow juicer?) takes forever. But since I only make juices once a week, and make enough for the whole week and freeze it, it’s ok…

The ingredients: green apples, a cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon, parsley, spinach, avocado and pineapple. I mix the avocado and pineapple in a blender and later add it to the cold pressed juice. This to make it a little bit more thick and sweeter. This is a real power juice and everything you need, is in it!

Hay fever killer

Because the pollen found their way to my nose again, I started making myself shots in the morning again. Ginger shots that is…?. I juice one apple and a big chunk of ginger and down it. This shot really wakes you up and you’ll be free of the hay fever crap (running nose, itchy eyes) all day.


xx Mishanou

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