If it wasn’t for the seven hour time difference between Japan and The Netherlands I would visit Japan more often. But whenever I’m there I’ll be up all night and won’t fall asleep until six in the morning. I do love Tokyo because of it’s high fashion and high tech gadgets. I’ll gladly accept that it’s super crowded and rushed. Time for a new destination in Japan. I’d never been to Fukuoka (airport code FUK) and I even had to take look on google maps for the exact location. It’s in the south of Japan so the weather had to be nice. That not so much but I did discover some nice spots, wanna see?

Beach life. Too bad the weather wasn’t up to par but I could totally imagine how this place would be when it’s sunny. People jogging, kiddies on their bikes and frisbee fetching dogs.

dolled up

Part one of: I-don’t-want-you-to-take-my-picture-but-it’s-impolite-to-walk-away series. This lady was literally dolled up so I just had to take her picture.

WTF or Where’s The Food? Of course Japanese food is totally different than the way we have it in Europe. There was this time in Tokyo I gave my plate of sushi to a colleague because I expected something totally different than what I ordered. There’s not just traditional food in Fukuoka but you can get all kinds of cuisine here. Italian or Spanish tapas, you name it. So no problem for difficult eaters. This Italian restaurant was very nice. It was crowded so that’s a good sign. And the cutest thing: the staff gave all the guests a very warm goodbye by waving at them all the way down the street!  Salvatore Cuomo. Yubinbango Imaizumi 1-22-17

man leggings


Part 2! This man-in-leggings (or meggings ?) (or long Johns, I’m confused.. ) was rocking this ‘tight’ look! He didn’t want to be photographed either but was also to polite to walk away (my guess: he totally liked it!) Make love to the camera! Love Japanese fashion, anything goes! (oh and the fanny pack is going to be very hot this summer mark my words)

Hippiness is sold here! These little shops make me hip I mean happy.

pink lady

Japanese street style! Pink hair to match the pink coat.

Daimyo is the place to be for antiques, vintage, interior design, boutiques and super friendly sales associates! Fukuoka people in general are very warm and helpful. And not very shy and reserved like most Japanese.


No sun, no problem! Grab an umbrella ella and go!

I found this awesome store Faith and Sons wandering around the streets where they sell vintage imported clothes from the UK. Oh and it’s a mens store by the way but I could totally rock that white leather jacket. Imaizumi 1, Chome 13-18 Fukuoka.

Nothing wrong with a little high street shopping. You’ll find stores like Zara, F21, H&M, Nike and the Levi’s Store here as well. 1-15-1 Daimyo Chuo Ward, Fukuoka. Must visit: Dresden, a boutique with cool brands only. And Timeless comfort, for UK inspired interior design. 

So Japanese!  Cartoons, whitening cosmetics, dried everything, tiny shops and very special toilets! Let’s say you have a little baby and you’re going to do some shopping..with your yourself. And you need to go to the bathroom. Where do you leave your baby? In Japan they have a solution for everything! In a little baby seat IN the bathroom! Isn’t that convenient? Oh and you can even turn on flushing sounds or music to prevent everyone hearing embarrassing bathroom sounds. How to simply flush? No idea..


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