It was just after my birthday weekend and I was talking to my friend Jeanique about how awesome my party was. I was still very much in the birthday mode and not planning on doing much for the remainder of my vacay. Just lots of cocooning, sleeping in my own bed for a change and most importantly: no time differences. When I asked her about were to her next flight was going to be she answered ‘I’m off to KUL (flight term for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) in two days and will be staying there for eight. ‘Hey’ she continued, want to come with?? ‘ Eeeh..’ I had to shift gears and check my planner. The weather forecast for Holland weren’t very promising and to be honest vitamine D is always a good idea. After making a few important calls and ditto emails I told Jeanique I could join her and started planning for this very spontaneous trip. First things first, needed to check if needed a visa, nothing more painful then to fly for 12 hours and be denied entry. And the second important subject: You’d think that after being a professional traveller for ten million years I’d be a pro at packing. But no, still not good at it and when I pack for vacations it’s even worst. Of course packing didn’t go very well this time (I packed many bottoms but little tops) but I did manage to throw in my white button down Gant. There are so many ways to style a white shirt. My friend Jeanique just happens to be the most stylish friend I have and so we pulled some looks together. Five ways to style a white button down, check them out!

gant 5

gant 6


Nothing screams ‘classic’ more than a crisp white shirt but instead of wearing it with a classic pair of pants. But why not wear it with a pair of tracksuit pants for a cooler look? Throw on some heels and you’ll be ready for afternoon drinks.

gant 8



Always on the run. Heels off, sneakers on. Combine your shirt with a leopard t-shirt for a more urban sporty look, go go go!

gant 11


Forget a kimono or wrap. You can easily use this shirt to go to the beach or pool. Getting a drink at the bar, wrap it around your waist as a cover up.

gant 14

gant 15


Preppy 2.0. Add a bow tie and (faux) pair of specs for that preppy look. Mix it up with ripped denims and heels to make the preppy look more bad ass for your next business meeting.

gant 12

Out & about

You can even wear this shirt on a night out. Tie it over your little black dress to create a nice monochrome look.


What’s your favorite look?

xx Mishanou

Big thanks to my bestie Jeanique Krips.

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