One of my guiltiest pleasure of all has to be watching the ‘Real Housewives of…’ series. My favorites are the Beverly Hills and Atlanta run. I know, it’s a pure waste of time so I’m only allowed to watch it when I get home from a flight. I’ll be so tired and emotionally unstable anyway so that’s a good excuse. Just love watching those rich women that will make first world problems out of everything and will fight each other every chance they get. Even though they have walk in closets the size of an average European house, filled with every color Chanel and Hermès bag. Get a new Bentley every six months, they’ll still be unhappy. Another (and main reason) I love watching the show is because you get to see a lot of LA and as you may know, that’s my happy place. I will regularly have breakfast, lunch or drinks at a place that I spotted on the show. So I decided to make a little Real Housewives hotspot tour, here goes.

beverly hills sun set

This hotel just recently opened and I was invited to come and have a look by my Insta friend (and real Beverly Hills housewife) @kitzkatclub. The Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills has an amazing rooftop bar with an even more amazing view. This would be a typical place where the housewives would meet to discuss one of their many fights #champagneshowers. Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills 9850 Wilshire blvd. (insider tip: if you are planning to grab a bite, make sure you have a reservation or you will be forced to have dinner at the bar #notverychic).

beverly hills nights

The view at night is even more spectacular and if you stick around long enough maybe you’ll be able to meet LA’s hottest dentists and plastic surgeons ?.
beverly hills le pain

Another perfect moment to hash things out is during brekkie. A place where the ladies sometimes meet up is at Le Pain Quotidien on 8607 Melrose ave. Also a populair to play with your food (nobody eats or walks in LA) is The Farm of Beverly Hills, 439 N Beverly drive

beverly hills Sur

Not all housewives just shop and have mani’s all day, some of them actually work. Like the meanest mean girl of all, the British Lisa Vanderpump. She and her husband Ken own many restaurants and clubs around LA. Sur and Pump are very well known and situated in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of LA, West Hollywood. You might even run into them, Sur 606 N Robertson Boulevard.
beverly hills robertson

The best place to run into a sugar daddy, Robertson Boulevard and Melrose Ave ?.

beverly hills barneys

Where it all goes down, if you want to catch up on all the latest gossip you need to have an ‘after shopping lunch’ at ‘Fred’s at Barneys’. Demi Moore is regularly spotted Neimans, also a very popular Beverly housewive hotspot. Barneys, 9570 Wilshire Boulevard, Neimans, 9700 Wilshire Boulevard.


beverly hills cocktails

The three housewife C’s, Celine, Chanel and cocktails.

beverly hills melrose

Some other popular Beverly hangouts are: The Bevery Hills hotel, The Yvy, Joans on third and Nobu. See you there?


xx Mishanou



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