If you put the word ‘organic‘ on a product I’ll definitely buy it from you! I’m a sucker for anything healthy or trendy super foods. I guess you can say I’m kind of a ‘health freak’. And it all has to do with the fact that being a flight attendant is basically the worst job when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Red eye flights, working in a pressurized cabin and in polluted air will not do your health any good. On my days off I try to get back all the vitamines that got lost up in the air and spend an entire pay check on organic groceries. My slow juicer is my best friend and together we make the most questionable juices (anything for health and beauty). I stock up the freezer so it saves me time during the rest of the week. Having a healthy crew life can be a challenge so I either take a suitcase full of healthy stuff with me on a trip, or I try to find a local organic place asap. New York is pure paradise when it comes to getting anything organic, biodynamic, vegan, paleo or macrobiotic. The first thing I do after landing is (yes, shower) and stop by organic hipster supermarket Whole Foods (or the somewhat cheaper Trader Joe’s). You can find a healthy hotspot on every corner in New York. I checked a few of them out.

love at first sight

Juice Press is probably one of the most popular juice bars in Manhattan. They ‘don’t do GMO’s’ and all of their juices have iconic names like OMG, Doctor Earth, F*#%ing Genius and Love at First Sight. Getting a juice here isn’t cheap, it will set you back about $10 a bottle but hey, the glow you get afterwards is priceless (and nothing says ‘trendy hipster’ more than walking around NY with a bottle of unpasteurized juice). 203 E 10th street.


pressed juicery


I first found out about Pressed Juicery in my home away from home, LA. This is the first Pressed Juicery in ‘Yorkie’ (for now) a second will be opening soon. Their pink (young) coconut water is so good! And doesn’t cost you a months rent. In need of some detoxing? You can get ‘ready to drink’ and complete juice cleanse packages so no need to make the juices (and clean that darn slow juicer) yourself.  329 Lafayette street.

salud soho


Love this place! Salud (Spanish for health) is tucked away in SoHo (so tiny if you don’t pay attention you’ll walk just past it). The interior takes you directly to Mexico (sugar skulls and Frida Kahlo everywhere). You can have a delish organic breakfast here (not everything is vegetarian btw) and the avocado, egg, chicken bacon and green salsa wrap is my fave. 107 Thompson street


Me, pretending to be a New Yorker. 😉

green symphony

The power of social media. I got to know about Green Symphony on twitter. After using the hashtag #greenjuice in a post someone from Green Symphony’s social media department started talking to me via the app. I wanted to know ‘the 411’ on this place so added the organic deli on my ‘to visit’ list. Once I arrived I had to get in line again (not very uncommon in NY). Green Symphony serves delicious hot meals, all kinds of Kombucha (trending), açai bowls and gluten free anything. A must visit for all health freaks. 255 W 43rd street.


green symphony menu


This picture was taken before I found out I had half of the menu printed on my back! 😉


Till soon, Yorkie!


xx Mishanou

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