Harajuku girls, Punk lolita’s, 24 hour game rooms and capsule hotels. When it comes to subcultures and ‘weird’  things I’ve seen a thing or two in Tokyo. But during my last trip to Tokyo I’ve discovered something completely new. Rabbit cafes! Yes and it’s exactly what you think it is. After paying a small fee you can pet and cuddle with cute little bunnies and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Turns out there are even more alternative cafes. As for the rest, I had a thrilling encounter with a man with very long nails, I wore Crocs (!) for the first and last time of my life and did some light shopping. Take a look at my latest Tokyo photo diary!

bunny feed Too cute for words! After you’ve paid a fee, washed your hands, disinfected them, put on a apron and a pair of Crocs (..) you can pet and cuddle cute little bunnies for 30 minutes or an hour (photo bombed, haha!).



Reminiscing! I used to have two bunnies ‘Bruintje’ and ‘Poelie’ when I was little which I treated like babies! You can also find, cat (allergies..) dog, bird and lizard (no way in this world) cafes. As for the hard working Japanese men there are the Maid cafe. The place to de-stress and unwind and get away from the daily hassles of the working life. The men are greeted by maids (including the maid costume) with a ‘welcome my master’ and can play some cards (yes, cards) or just hang around and be served (unlike at home I guess). Mimi rabbit cafe, Higashi-Ikebukuro 1-13-9, Karasukoma #2 Bldg 8F.

the boys

The boyz.. Ran into these dudes at Tokyo Station. A big group of sumo wrestlers on transit. They didn’t stay this relaxed for long because after I shot this picture the Big Kahuna a.k.a. The head sumo wrestler came along and everyone took a very deep bow and women started to giggle uncontrollably.


Restaurants on every corner but I had a hard time finding a healthy and wholesome meal. There are so many fastfood restaurants but ‘she don’t do that’ so I had to look for a organic restaurant. All smiles again but this was after I fled into this place. I’d asked some random dude for directions but instead of answering he gave me this awkward two minute stare (usually that’s my sign for: walk away). When he finally answered that ‘he would walk up with me’ asking me where I’m from etc. my instinct, that finally kicked again, told me we were totally walking the wrong way. When I felt his long nails (eew!) constantly pinching my elbows I decided that was it and I had to find a way to shake him off! Luckily I don’t really stand out in Tokyo (haha) but I managed to get rid of the guy by hiding in a shoe store. After that whole ordeal I finally found Bio Cafe where I enjoyed my healthy organic lunch and rose tea (oh and btw, I could’ve totally handled that guy, he was only like 5ft nothing).

Bio Cafe, 16-14 Udagawacho Patio Bldg. 2F, Shibuya.

Kawaii! We all know the famous Harajuku girls. But there are so many other subcultures in Tokyo. The Punk lolitas wearing grungy black clothing. Ganguru girls: super tan, frequent users of spray tans and bronzing powder (unlike the porcelain skin beauty standard in Asia) and wearing blonde wigs and colorful clothes. Anime: inspired by the cartoon culture. Everyone can be who they want to be, love that!

pink dude

‘On Wednesdays we wear pink’

Yeah! Been looking for this for a while. A vintage silk Japanese tour jacket. With the coolest print on the back, a map of Japan and cherry blossoms. Found it at Chicago Harajuku, Olympia Annex Bldg. B1F 6-31-21 Jingumae

Tokyo is just a shoppers paradise! Make sure you take along your passport when you hit the shops because many stores offer tax free shopping. Love it!


xx Mishanou

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