The free time cabin crew gets after a flight is being spend on many different ways. Where one likes to use their free time to have a good rest, the other uses it to study, workout or to do some sight seeing. I, for one, never give myself a break and I always like to discover a different part of a city each time I visit. Especially when I am traveling to a new destination for the first time I can’t just be lying around the swimming pool the whole time. What I never do ‘en route‘ is pushing the boundaries. I’m naturally not a thrill seeker, I love my life and I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. So no bungee jumping, base jumping, parasailing or other extreme sports for me. A while ago I visited Costa Rica for the first time. It wasn’t only my first time in CR but also for the majority of the crew. During the flight on the way to the Central American destination we were making all kinds of plans for our layover. I was thinking more: white sandy beaches, the clearest seas, palmtrees and me right underneath one. But no, zip lining won unanimously. And because I didn’t want to be stuck at a lame swimming pool I chose to tag along and joined the rest of the crew. If you want to know all about the agony I went through and how I went way out of my comfort zone? I suggest you keep on reading.

Pura vida, delicious food! After a loooong ride in the mountains, finally a well deserved typical Costa Rican meal. We had to make it a quick one though because there was a time slot at the zip lining station. After three you weren’t allow up anymore. So ‘chop chop’ and go.

When I was still smiling. But not for long. The fog and darkness above the Costa Rican jungle gave me a feeling of discomfort.

What if I fall and will never be found again!

Ok, not going to lie, I did not like the zip lining. I was freezing, it was super windy, foggy and I couldn’t see a darn thing. High speed zip lining over the dark jungle of Costa Rica. ‘Is everything fastened correctly? What if I fall? I will never be found again!’. Right after I’ve been on the highest and longest line I had a nervous breakdown. I had been building up so much tension and it all just came out all at once (also from my nose). The worst thing: there was no way back so I had to keep on going to zip line back down.

Level of uncomfortableness: 💯

My colleagues were loving it while I was slowly dying inside

The couples ride didn’t make it any better. ‘Are you sure everything is fastened securely?’ Your life is literally hanging on a thread (ok, a very thick one but still) and is in the hands of a complete stranger. Now I know how passengers with a fear of flying feel. I always tell our guests that turbulence is nothing more than air waves like waves on a boat. It’s the lack of control which makes it so uncomfortable. My colleagues were loving it while I was slowly dying inside.

It’s a good thing there were lots pictures, I missed so many parts

Speaking of comfort zones: just when I thought we were almost done and was mentally preparing to climb down the wonky staircase I saw a dude fiddling with some ropes. I realized we weren’t climbing down but bungee jumping instead. I always said I was never ever doing that. However, I won’t be called chicken either (Caribbean pride) so the chicken way (climbing down) was not an option.

never again..

Still I’m very proud of myself and turned out the jump was less scary then the entire zip lining experience.

Pura vida

Luckily there was still enough time to do what I initially hoped we would do. A relaxed afternoon at the beach! The waves were definitely every surfers dream but too wild for a calm swim.

Just one more comfort zone thingy.

Okay, so zip lining and bungee jumping were already way out of my comfort zone. There’s also another one on the list: sharing a room with colleagues. One of the many luxuries a flight attendant can enjoy is to stay in delightful hotels. And of course everyone gets their own room. However, because the trip to the zip line station already took us half a day we needed to book a hostel and spend the night. It was only possible to book two rooms, so the five of us had to share. My inner only child (‘Joey doesn’t share…anything’) immediately got triggered and I told my co-workers I’m a bad sleeper, especially when I need to sleep next to a ‘stranger’. The ladies didn’t mind sharing a small twin bed so I got the single. Dibs. 😎


Even though I endure many tribulations I did have a vey pleasant trip. Will I ever go zip lining again? I don’t think so. I’ve been out of so many comfort zones this trip, it’s enough to last me for a year. Next time I might stay at the pool anyway😅.

xx Mishanou

What took you way out of your comfort zone?

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