As a true Yorkie junkie I’m always happy to travel to my fave city. Even more so when it’s New York Fashion Week. That’s when everyone who’s anyone in the fashion industry can be found in Manhattan. Cool fashion parties everywhere, fashion victims reunite and you’ll have a big chance to run into your most liked fashion blogger or model. People even tend to forget about the designers and their latest collections. It just so happens the first NYFW of the year started while I was in Yorkie the other day. My good friend Mercedes saw our Dutch pride model Doutzen Kroes traveling to The City (on Instagram) to attend some shows. And so she gave me the heads up. Because Fashion week travels around the world so fast, I can hardly keep track. Anyhoo, I grabbed my camera, googled where the venue would be this time and off I went. No, I didn’t have any front row ticket to the shows (#goals) but I did see enough other fashion inspo. Want to have a look at my first ever New York Street Style bloggie? 

Backstage, where most of the models enter the venue, street style photographers are hanging around like hunters to shoot their prey. The models don’t seem to mind because any publicity is good publicity and it is good for your ‘brand’ to get featured on as many fashion sites as possible.

Waiting for that perfect shot or favorite model..(mind you, it was freezing #dedication).

Learning something new every day. During this trip, fellow street style photographer Yasmin taught me a new term: ‘peacocking’. It goes a little something like this: put on your craziest outfit (this girl went for this NASA-esk overall), accessorize the crap out of it, height is everything so wear the highest heels you own, and wander around the venue as much as possible. The ultimate goal is to get featured as the latest fashionista on pages like and

What I also love about Fashion week: spotting cool fashion items like these boots by Yves Saint Laurent, (yes, the heel is actually the logo #details).

Spotted: Morgan Stewart (if you’ve also seen all episodes of the scripted reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills you’d know whom I’m talking about).

Here come the girls: to promote their real life show ‘Model Squad’ Victoria’s Secret models Hannah Ferguson and Devon Windsor are having their photo-op.

From left to right models Hannah Ferguson, Ping Hue, Ashley Moore, Caroline Lowe, Daniella Brag en Devon Windsor. You can follow all their shenanigans on Model Squad on E! (I have six models before me, but only five pictures in my hand).

Real inspo: also spotted (role)model, speaker and fashion blogger Mama Cãx. Due to getting diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 14 she had to have her right leg amputated. At first she did everything to not show her prosthetic leg and covered it with foam to make it look ‘normal’. After a long journey she learned to embrace her new life and now showing her prosthetic or even being photographed without it. Her message: love and accept yourself the way you are.


Ok, so next time I will make more effort to look fashionable (sorry…chose not to be cold over style). And hopefully I’ll have a bigger chance of being featured on or #peacocking. ?


xx Mishanou


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