When you say Brazil you think about Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana and bikini’s. São Paulo doesn’t really come to mind, right? This huge city is the economical heart of the country minus the white beaches but with many high rises. Did you know São Paulo has the one in fifth biggest Fashion Week? There are definitely things to do this cultural city. Let’s have a look!IMG_6919

The nearest beach is a three hour drive away from the city. But there’s a lovely city park you can visit. The Ibirapuera park. You can go for a jog, ride a bike or skate. Or just grab your picknick basket, lay in the sun and watch passers by.

Masp_São-PauloYou can be totally cultural at the MASP, the Museo de Arte de São Paulo. Brazil’s biggest and most important museum. You can find the works here from Appel, Monet and Rembrandt, to name but a  few.  (image: Google)

IMG_6931     The best street for some shopping is Oscar Freire. This street has many cute little boutiques instead of the big high street brands.


IMG_6933You can’t afford to miss the Havaianas Flagship store!IMG_6940

IMG_6951São Paulo street style. How cool is her head scarf?IMG_6949

Santo Graõ café, the place to be…and they have the best Risotto’s in town!


A health freaks dream! Fresh Açai smoothies or organic coconut juice can literally be found on every street corner. Cheers!

See you next trip?

Love, Mishanou

images and text: by Google and Mishanou Montero

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