Standard procedure before any trip I take is to do some mandatory online research. I like to keep my Insta-feed as colorful as possible so I’m forever looking for colorful places to shoot. Finding those colorful places will never be a problem in Mexico City. No matter where you turn, you will always find a colorful market or museum somewhere. During research for this Mexico trip, I stumbled upon a hot pink house. After some more digging I learned the pink house was the last project ever designed by the late Mexican architect Luis Barragán. At first I thought it was a museum but it turned out the property was the home of the Luque family. The family did allow tours to be held at the house. So I definitely wanted to visit and learn more about the famous architect’s work and legacy.

Bienvenido a Casa Gilardi

This must be the place. Hard not to miss, the property really stands out apart from all the other generic looking houses in the street. Before you visit Casa Gilardi, as the hot pink house is named, you need to call first to make an appointment. If there are tours that day, make sure to go early, be there before 10am. Don’t be alarmed if they don’t immediately answer the door after you’ve rang it (like I did 16 times😬) they are probably having a private tour. The house was designed in 1975 when the architect was actually already retired. But when he saw the giant Jacaranda tree in the back, he decided to take the job. The tree was not to be taken down and the house was designed around it. The house doesn’t only attract many Insta-addicts but also a lot of (soon to be) architects from all over the world. So if you always wanted to date an architect, this is where you need to be!

Child friendly stairs

Typical for the work of Luis Barragán was how he worked with light and bright colors.


The quarters weren’t extremely spacious however, by working with light it appeared more dept was created.


From the living room you could spot the precious Jacaranda tree.

The purple colored patio was inspired by the color of the Jacaranda tree blossoms. It so happened to be this tree was also in bloom during my visit and brightly colored the majority Mexico City.

Paul Smith LA vibes

Did you know the famous Paul Smith store on Melrose avenue in Los Angeles was inspired by the work of Luis Barragán?

A artsy environment calls for an artsy pool picture.

After a large group of Instagrammers was more or less escorted out of the property there was some special time available for guest who where genuinely interested in architecture. My colleague and I (😬) and a few architects received some extra background information about Luis Barragán’s inspiration for Casa Gilardi and how the colors he used were specially designed for him. After that there was some time to take some pictures without anyone in the background. Just the way I like it, uhu, uhu!

Let there be light! The hallway to the indoor pool perfectly represents the work of the Mexican architect. By using yellow glass for the many windows it looks like the sun is permanently shining down there.

Want to see the last work of Luis Barragán yourself? You’ll find Casa Gilardi on Calle Gral. Antonio León 82, San Miguel Chapultepec, Mexico City. Make sure to call first to make a tour reservation. The tour will set you back about 300 pesos and and additional 500 if you want to take pictures (which…I mean of course). They only accept cash. You’re welcome to stop by from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 2pm and 3pm to 4pm.

xx Mishanou

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