Oh Lalaland, if it was up to me I would visit you every week (if it wasn’t for those killing 9 hours time difference). Although Los Angeles isn’t California’s prettiest city, it is one of my favorite cities ever. You can feel the creative energy, choose between artsy Down Town or to experience the Cali beach life. And the latest fitness and health craze always originates here. My creative excitement starts from the moment I see LA pop up on my schedule. Because: what are we going to do? Where do we need to be? Did a new and even cooler place recently open up and what do we need to Instagram? I’m taking little baby steps every day to *get my life together* and to prevent getting overwhelmed I decided to go easy on myself for a change. LA is a massive city, all the places worth visiting are far apart and despite the 6 lane freeways, the traffic is horrible! So instead running around town like a crazy person, I decided to focus on just one area. This time: Melrose avenue. I just love that area and recently a spot opened I really wanted to see. Are you with me?

Latest must visit, Milk Bar Los Angeles

I said it before and I will say it again. Want your business to be successful? Make it pink or have some sort of pink ‘prop’ and people will line up for a visit (and hopefully share it on social media). That also must have been part of Milk Bar Los Angeles’ business plan. You know the sugary milk that always remains after having a bowl of cereal? The American chef Christina Tosi came up with a whole concept around this phenomenon. Also on the menu: sweet milk by the bottle, compost cookies (a chocolate chip cookie with cereal, butterscotch, oatmeal, pretzels and chips) crack pie and ready to eat cookie dough. You can also have baking lessons or just stop by for a cup of coffee. 7150 Melrose Ave.

*Please, do Instagram this*

A colorful wall with a cheeky text? All taken care of..

Excuse me? I’m on the guest list.

Further down on Melrose. Because you can’t get it in Europe (yet) and they only ship to the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and France: might as well get in line. Forever popular and not just for millennials: Glossier, 8407 Melrose Ave.

Worth standing in yet another line: the Glossier (Arizona vibes) photo booth.

Ran into a Revolve popup store while strolling on Melrose. They had a special collaboration with Nike and you could try out all kinds of sport gear. We were also invited to go up and enjoy the view from the rooftop terrace and have organic coconut water.

Just here for the view (and pictures). Kept my money in my pocket and continued with the Melrose stroll.

The majority of Instagram worthy walls in LA are definitely to be found on Melrose. The famous angel wings, Made in LA wall, pink Paul Smith store and Sorella’s boutiques wall, Girls tour. This street is your go-to. There’s also a mini graffiti alley right behind the famous angels wings by Colette Miller 7779 Melrose Ave.

It usually starts when I board a plane and don’t have any more access to it. Licorice! I just love it and next to (most of) the Dutch only Scandinavians will understand this. Ok, this place is not exactly on Melrose but on 3rd street. Our Nordic neighbors opened a ‘Scandi’ candy store called Sockerbit. So because I was having majør cråvings, worth the diversion. 7922 W 3rd.

Most of my expenses go to (healthy) food. In LA you end up paying mucho dinero if you want to keep your diet healthy and organic. Despite this fact I still like to have lunch at café Gratitude whenever I’m in town. Vegan food, fresh juices, and usually the staff asks you what you are grateful for (as food for thought). Find this location right after Melrose goes onto 639 N Larchmont Blvd.

Thank you LA! Broke, exhausted (yet fit because we had to run because of the expired parking meter😅) but returning home fully inspired and a phone full of pictures.

xx Mishanou

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