It’s no secret that New York is my happy place. I wouldn’t mind if my boss would send me there every week. (only my bank account would mind) Anyway..I was in The Big Apple a few weeks back and I must say..I wasn’t as happy there as I used to be. Not only because the euro is worth nothing these days..swiping your card just doesn’t feel as nice as before. But oh my gosh, how overly crowded is that city?? Tons and tons of tourist standing/walking/sitting in the way. Or it’s Corporate America pushing you out of the way in their suits and sneakers if you don’t pick up their pace. No ‘Hiiiii! How are you? My name is Britney! Let me know if you need any help‘ when you walk into a store but get ready to be ignored. Sigh..Still love the US though and the city that’s slowly kicking NY of the no. 1 spot is L to the A! Check out my Santa Monica photo diary and why LA is becoming my new happy place!

The sun is always shining! (okay, almost) No heavy coats and shamelessly driving around in convertibles.

Two things a woman wants to hear: I love you and 50% off! Sample sale shopping at Brandy Melville. 🙂

No bagels for breakfast but baguettes at Le Pain Quotidien. 316 Santa Monica Blvd.

My fave San Francisco store Wasteland right here in Santa Monica for some (orderly) vintage shopping.  1330 4th street, Santa Monica.

Love it! The Original Farmers Market! Get your organic fruit, veggies and raw honey at the biggest grower only market of SoCal. Every wednesday in down town Santa Monica. 

Love the relax and laid back beach life..

Liquor? I’ll have M&M’s instead, thanks..

L.A. vs NY

-the weather, period!

-much more space! (just don’t go where the tourists go)

-laid back vibe and friendly people.

-Artsy Down Town LA, trendy West Hollywood or Malibu surfers paradise? There’s something for everyone.

-an even bigger change to run into a celeb. (try Whole Foods in Calabasas!)

-yoga, farmers markets and organic juice bars, health freak heaven!


xx Mishanou


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