Hi, my name is Mishanou and I’m an Instagram addict.. (now you say, Hiiii Mishanou!)It’s the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing at night. It almost made me forget about Facebook. (who’s got time for all those video’s) I love to get inspired by the fashion and styling ideas (once I literally ran to a store down town after seeing a fabulous pair of sparkly pants on Insta and I needed it in my life!) But I also love it because you can take a peek into someones (Insta) fabulous life. Be it a celeb or not. Of course I need an Instagram moment whenever I’m abroad. LA is a perfect city to Instagram the crap out of. I’ll show you a few spots that are guaranteed to rev up your likes. Corny? Yes.. But you know you want it too!Lifeguard

Back in the day, when Pam Anderson was still hot and before Hobie became a full blown crack addict, didn’t we all dream of having our own Baywatch moment? #lifeguard #baywatch #malibu


‘We’re all made of stars’.  Your own star on the Hollywood  Walk of Fame, start counting the likes.


Don’t ask me why but palmtree pics are super popular.


Hollywood sign, blogger turned millionaire Chiara Ferragni is still Instagramming it, so I guess it’s still en Vogue.

Colette's wings


Let’s just not mention that I spend half a day of my life looking for these particular angel wings, le sigh. But ever since I discovered the work of artist Colette Miller  I’m obsessed with these wings. You can find her work all over LA and there are even a few in Canada, Australia and Kenia. Her message: ‘We are all angels of this earth’. And take a pic in front of them? Insta Gold!

Taking pictures of your food is still trending. For ‘pretty’ delicious and organic food visit Urth Caffe. The coolest location: 451 S Hewitt Street, Los Angeles Art District.




I mean, how can you NOT Instagram this? This Barbie fabulous wall is the side of Paul Smith’s store on 8221 Melrose Avenue. #like


See you on Insta!

x @thetrendattendant

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