For many of us sharing every part of our private life has become quite normal. We watch Youtube in stead of tv and everybody has their own real life soap on Insta stories. Some people even make lots of money doing just that. So is that it? Or is it just for the attention? Of course I am not a complete saint when it comes to sharing stuff online. I love showing my online friends the world by sharing parts of my trips and love to experiment with editing. That explains the gazillion editing apps on my phone. I do have boundaries though, I would never show my 3 minute old baby online (hypothetically speaking). My apartment is my sanctuary and my love life is really nobody’s business. When I’m in company I do make little movies but I will edit them later. There is nothing more annoying than people who only have attention for their phones. Like when I was in Sketch London last February. There was a girl with her mom sitting at a table next to us and the poor lady spent about two and a half hours taking (probably Instagram) pictures of her daughter. If they even enjoyed their afternoon tea, no idea. When I posted the London link on my Facebook page my colleague (and fellow vintage lover) Dennis told me I should visit Carthage Must be Destroyed in Brooklyn. Because: everything in the restaurant is pink (love). There was only one catch: you’re not allowed to take pictures.. Refreshing? Or highly annoying? Curious to know if I could my phone in my pocket when I visited this place? Keep on reading.

During my last trip to New York I finally had an ‘Insta meet’ with my colleague Marleen. Each time I was in the City, she would be working and we kept on missing each other. But now Marleen is in the midst of becoming a real New Yorker and she was in town taking care of some paperwork. After having a coffee at Two Hands and catching up about the latest Yorkie hotspots we decided to continue our day in Brooklyn, (the new Manhattan). I told her about Carthage and because she had already been there before she could show me the way (I don’t know if I could have found it myself #maze #nostreetnames #awesomestreetartthough).

Found it! The pink door kind of gave it away.

Ok, stating the obvious. I did take pictures of Carthage..secretly…with my iPhone..#shameonme #butitspink.

The interior is not completely pink but with lots of pink items. A nice combination with the rawness of the old warehouse. Most importantly, the food was amazing and the portions are huge! #doggybagplease.

The plates, just like the owners of Carthage, are from Australia (yes, I checked).

This is the current (pink) menu. You used to get an additional piece of paper that stated the house rules:

  1. no pictures
  2. no videos
  3. no complete photo shoots
  4. no flash
  5. no excessive pictures
  6. no pictures of the kitchen
  7. no pictures of the interior
  8. and no obstruction of the aisles

Obviously I didn’t get this list. You are allowed to take some pictures but only in your ‘personal space’ and you are requested to respect other peoples privacy. And don’t move any table displays, split the bills or negotiate about menu items ?. After lunch we chatted with the owners and they were super nice by the way.

To prevent them from running around all over the place, there is a special kiddy corner for the little customers.

Bottom line: sharing is fine oversharing not so much. Moderation is key and even though it is very nice to share (some) beautiful things in your life it doesn’t hurt to take a break every now and then. Go M.I.A. (missing in action) to reload, enjoy good company and keep your phone in your pocket. Unless you’re in an all pink restaurant, that’s your free pass! ?.


Carthage Must be Destroyed, 222 Bogart street Brooklyn, NY


xx Mishanou

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