Although I’ve been to Paris many times I can’t say that I’m a French connaisseur. Actually I haven’t been further than the city of lights and camping (which is very populair in France) is not really my thing. Camping to me sounds more than survival than a joyous occasion. However, I have always been curious about the Côte d’Azur. Namely Cannes (Filmfestival), St.Tropez (to see and be seen at Club 55) and Monaco (does the curse of the Grimaldi’s really exist? So I was stoked when the opportunity arose to make a flight request to Nice. Finally I could get a little taste of the ‘joie de vivre’ everyone keeps talking about. And I must say: I.am.a.fan! The funny thing is, I always spend my vacations far, far away. And I keep forgetting how much fun Europe actually is. Nice surprised me with warmth and kindness of the people, the relaxed vibe and the beauty of southern Europe. Of course my imagination started going wild (it’s a aquarius/pisces dreamer thing) and I started daydreaming about how it would be if I lived there. What would I do all day, where would I hang out? So take a look at how my life would be, if I was a French girl.
nice paul

My day of course would start at Paul’s bakery. I would get my daily baguette and XL pistache macaron (way more delish than Ladurée, by the way) cause life is better with carbs.

nice square

I would stroll around the pretty streets and greet the old men that are always sitting on the same bench.

nice abricots

Along the way I would buy these gorgeous apricots because they probably taste like the sun.

nice terrace

This is exactly where I would meet up with friends to have lunch. In the south everything will close around midday. And in stead of having a quick ‘sammich’ behind your desk you’ll enjoy an extra long lunch break (wine and all). What’s not to like? Vive la France!

nice savon

My soap bars will be by Savon de Marseille only. One for every sink and also in the closet for extra fresh smelling laundry, the organic version…of course.

nice ail

Le marché. This is where I get my daily groceries. Fresh garlic from the Provence, dried eggplant with olive oil and herbs, delish!

nice market

‘Life is a flower of which love is the honey..’

nice lemons

‘When life gives you lemons make sure they are ‘non traitée’. ?

nce blvd view

No day will go by without being Instagrammed because there are so many picturesque spots around here #views.

nice puces

I would go by Les Puces de Nice (teeny tiny flea market) weekly to see if they received any cute little vintage furniture to customize.

nice yellow house

No more working out in airconditioned prone gyms but daily running sessions on the boulevard.

nice beach

And after the running sessions taking a dip in the bluest of blue see.

nice shore

Just like Curaçao (except for the rocks in stead of sand) so I would feel totally at home!

Oh, Côte d’Azur j’aime beaucoup! Definitely need to return here asap so already making plans to visit St.Tropez. Who’s coming with? ?


xx Mishanou

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