To travel the world is one of  the best things to do. ‘Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’.  Too bad not all of us can take a private jet to fly us to our favourite destination. So just how do you prepare yourself to have a comfortable flight? Check out the following tips on how to travel in style…(and arrive camera ready).
Travel in Style
1Water- is-your-best-friend. Forget about alcohol and coffee during the flight. These beverages  just de-hydrate you. And it’s very important to stay hydrated. The regulations to take liquids on board with you are still very strict. So just take an empty bottle with you and ask the flight attendant (nicely) to re-fill the bottle for you during the flight.
2. The first thing I pack when I travel is my large cashmere scarf. The airconditioning on airplanes is always sky high! (no pun intended)  So I use my scarf as a blanket or pillow.
3. Yes, people travel with babies. And yes, babies cry. So don’t forget to pack your earphones and earplugs! There are many good noise cancelling earphones out there.
4. To be prepared is to be entertained . Maybe you’ve seen all the movies already or  the in- flight entertainment might not be working. So download your favourite, books, magazines, series or movies on your iPad, sit back and relax.
5. Don’t forget to moisturize! You know those little samples you find in magazines or get at beauty counters? and keep on applying.
6Lip balm, always..
7. Airplanes give you bad hair. So no need to get the perfect blow-out before your flight. Just wear a nice fedora  or beanie and your done. And don’t want to talk to your chatterbox neighbor? Nothing says ‘don’t talk to’ more than putting on your  and earphones and sunnies .
8. Don’t have a heavy meal before your flight, that just makes you bloat. And do take some snacks with you. Some nuts, fruit or raw organic power bars.
9. Dress comfy but not frumpy. No need to wear your onesie just because it’s comfortable, you might not get an upgrade to business class! And don’t overdress either. I’m still trying to forget the way I made an exit after landing on Amsterdam Airport after my trip to Ibiza! I thought wearing high heels during the flight was a good idea (fashion) I lost my balance (heavy bag) I landed flat on my face while exiting the…!
10. A difficult one but (try to) travel light! The more you take with you, the more you’re likely to lose or forget.
Have a good flight!
foto (5)
Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is ready for her close up.
foto (6)
Victoria’s Secret Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio checking her messages.
Source: Pinterest, Polyvore.


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