Caroline de Maigret, Jeanne Damas, Lou Doillon (when Jane Birkin is your mom), Lily Rose Depp (hit the jackpot in the gene pool) if there is any style widely emulated it is that of these Parisian ladies. The Parisian ‘je ne sais quoi’ look has always been popular and there are many style books on how to copy it. Paris is also a photoshoot go-to for many bloggers because of her gorgeous decor. When I was in Bali and Parisian Yog-it girl (yoga It-girl) Camille said we should meet up in her hometown I immediately said yes! I mean, of course it would be awesome to see her again after the Bali/yoga vacay and she could show me all the cool places in Paris, oui oui. So, with a slight Korea jetlag, I hopped on the plane to Paris bearing my laptop and camera. Want to know how and where to get in touch with your inner Parisian It-girl? Alors, on y va.

‘I have something to show you’ Camille said when we were walking in Le Marais. I immediately thought she wanted to show me a cool vintage store or that we were getting close to a Laduree. But after walking for a few yards more I saw this: a super cute street with very colorful low-rise houses. To me very non-Parisian and I had never seen it before. For those of you that are not following me on Instagram yet: I am a very big fan of colorful backdrops and you’ll see them all over my feed (if I could I would have my Amsterdam crib painted pink too). So of course we had to stop here for a photoshoot. The name of this cute street is Rue Crémieux.

Parisian women do eat…thank god. A good place to do this is at (recently opened and already branded one of the best) Italian restaurant Pink Mamma. The exterior immediately passed the test (it’s pink), the interior was also very Pinterest worthy (boho chique) and the food was very tasty (not vegan though..) Pink Mamma has multiple floors (make sure you check all of them out) and is one of the hotspots du moment. 20bis Rue de Douai.


Me pretending to be Parisian at the foot of the Sacre Coeur. J’adore Paris!

Another amazing yet non-Parisian street. This very quiet spot in Montmartre reminded me of San Francisco. The street is called Villa Leandre and the only people you’ll run into are residents and…yes..bloggers.

In a older blogpost (about Nice) I went on and on about how good the macarons at Paul were. Wrong! That is so not Parisian It-girl! Paul is the Starbucks of the macarons. Jeanne Damas wil ‘jamais’ be caught there buying the delicious cookies. So, overpriced or not, you ONLY buy macarons at Laduree, s’il vous plaît…

Another new hotspot Parisian hotspot where tout les gens cool meet up is at is the Hoxton. Just as cool the UK and Amsterdam version and the perfect place for a meeting, event or blogpost shoot. 30-32 Rue du Sentier

‘He will show up, right..?’ Shooting some Parisian looks at Palais Royal.

Ladies who lunch. Where all Parisian It-girls meet up for a quick bite and discuss the latest Tinder matches is at café Season. The best part, they serve avocado toast and açai bowl. There is another take out version of Season but the one you need to go to is at 1 Rue Charles-François Dupuis.

At the end of december 2017 this iconic boutique will officially close after 20 years. So luckily I could stop by (my first and only time) to check out a special Chanel x Colette collection and a photo exposition by Kaiser Karl himself. It-girls need not to worry because Saint Laurent will take over the store at 213 Rue St. Honoré.

Also a must visit when in search of those unique vintage goodies is the Gabrielle Geppert boutique. Stylists travel from all over the world just to visit this store, which is like a museum of vintage gems. So take your time at 31 Galerie de Montpensier.

Merci pour tout ma biche, Camille la Yog-it girl! À la prochaine fois!


xx Mishanou

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