Love me some Stocky! Stockholm that is. Venice of the North, hipster headquarters, the place where you can get a year long maternity leave, where the men look fresher than you and the ladies effortlessly cool. If I have to make list of the ‘hottest’ cities in Europe than Stockholm will definitely rank high on the list. So it wasn’t really hard to find a happening hangout when I was in town the other day. Just needed to make a good plan because and decide where to go because the city is scattered around 14 islands. During this stay I visited the Sødermalm area. I’ve heard through the grapevine that there were some pretty good vintage shops over here. And vintage shops are usually in ‘hippie chic’ areas. I ran into this awesome concept store, vintage goodness and some other hotspots. So let’s have a look at Stockholm’s answer to SoHo, let’s go to SoFo.

If your a fan of concept stores just like me than Grandpa won’t dissappoint. You can get anything here from interior decoration to clothing. This is not the only Grandpa in the city but this one is next to L:A Bruket (skincare brand) so a double whammy.

hipsters are welcome

Grandpa carries all things fab from minimalistic jewelry to beard grooming kits for your hipster boyfriend. Södermannagatan 21.




Some normcore wall art.

brass clips

No need to have a boring desk. I got some desk essentials by my fave Danish brand HAY.


Looking for some Agneta on vinyl, post ABBA? There you have it. You’re welcome..

pop vintage

One of the many places to find some vintage goodies is POP Stockholm. You’ll find this colorful store on Skånegatan 73.


These vintage fishermen hats are still trending. But now it’s time to move on to the corduroy version.


In need of some good coffee? Then hop on to Skåningen across the street from POP Vintage to get your caffeine fix. You’ll also find an organic supermarket and a Good Will/Charity shop (very hipster, it was so crowded, it looked like H&M was going to launch a guest designer). This street turns into a legit catwalk in the summer. So if you need some summer street style inspo this is the place to be.


Spotted: hipster (including his beard) smoking a pipe in front of the local tattoo shop.


Of course you’ll find a shop of this very popular Swedish brand (and bloggers favorite) Acne Studios in SoFo. I still wanted to know how to pronounce the brand properly because I kept hearing people saying it differently. ‘It’s Aknie… just like the pimples’…#byefelicia.


To find Sødermalm’s (or SoFo as the locals call it) hotspots you just have to walk around as they are divided over a couple of different streets. So put on your most stylish flats and discover the neighborhood.


As the quest for hipster stuff comes to an end it’s time to walk towards the old town. But not before getting a chai latte at Wayne’s Coffee (you could say Starbucks Swedish sister) and stop by the store Bruno where you’ll find all the finest Scandic brands under one roof. Götgatan 36.


When you leave Sødermalm and cross the bridge you’ll walk straight into the old town of Stockholm. You might want to take your time because it’s like walking into a fairytale. Keep walking up North and you end up on the high street Drottninggatan where the big chains of Gina Tricot, BikBok, Lindex and Indiska are.


Hej då Stocky!

xx Mishanou


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