There wasn’t a lot I knew about the city of Minneapolis. Only that 1: his purple highness Prince was born and raised there and 2: shopping at the biggest mall of the States happens right here. Minneapolis is also known as one of the ‘Twin Cities’ the other part being St. Paul. And did you know my fave store Target is based in Minneapolis and the state Minnesota has about 10.000 lakes? If you’re a snow lover and like to be in it up to your armpits than this is the place to be! Winters can be cutthroat and that’s one of the reasons there is no sales tax on shoes and clothing (basic necessity of life)?. Because only the thought of walking around in the ‘Humongous Mall of America’ almost gave me an anxiety attack, I decided to skip that. In stead I spend the day walking around MSP with the question I always ask myself ‘what’s the hipster level of this city’. So check out below if I got my answer to that question.

First stop: Midtown. I took the train and a bus (very cheap btw) to get there. I read that some of the cities nicest murals could be found around here. The majority of them were on East Lake Street. Because of some very heavy snowfall it wasn’t easy to walk on the sidewalks. East Lake street is a melting pot of different cultures and you’ll find many different restaurants here as well.

I was struggling with the self timer when a passerby asked if he could help me take a picture. Thanks bro! #lovecolofulbackdrops #canIhireyou

As a result of being very active on Instagram (and always tagging my location in the stories) I sometimes get nice tips from local viewers. Just like the tip I got from local gal Kate. She told me about the Midtown Global Market. A big market hall where you can find many products from all over the world. If you are looking to get Norwegian sheep milk cheese, Ghanian raw shea butter, Thai boho bags or Mexican quesadillas, you’ll definitely find it here. 920 East Lake street.

Buy local, support locals.

Let’s go back outside. One of the high lights I really didn’t want to miss was the Stone Arch Bridge. Situated in the oldest part of the city and the only arched bridge made of stone crossing the Mississippi river. Made in 1883 and standing on it has the most gorgeous view on the city skyline. In the summer you need to be around this area (Warehouse district) because of all the food trucks and beer gardens people set up.

I was doubting at first, did I really just cross the Mississippi river? ? #longassriver

After visiting the Stone Arch bridge it was time to go to another part of the city (North East). Besides having the most Instagrammed wall, I Like You also carries the work of more than 200 (local) artists. I walked away with a bunch of very funny cards (yes I still send actual birthday cards). But you can also get, mostly handmade gifts like soy candles, clothing, kitchen gear or anything with Prince on it. 501 1st avenue North East.

A nice card for when your bestie is expecting: ‘so you’re having a baby..so that’s happening..’ ?


The ladies at ‘I Like You’ told me I really should get a donut at Glam Doll donuts. Well, I always have room for donuts (on my hips) and it was time for an Insta-break anyway. Glam doll donuts absolutely passed the hipster test because they also serve vegan donuts. Around the corner there are some nice vintage stores so when in Minneapolis make sure you hang around North East.

Decisions, decisions.. I ended up going for the ‘Bombshell‘ donut: spicy Mexican chocolate with cayenne pecans #vavavoom. Glam doll donuts is also a great working place for digital nomads. 519 Central Avenue North East.

It’s clear that Minneapolis has some very hipster hangouts. I do have to say: everything is nicer around summer time. To shoot some National Geographic style pics for le blog I traveled down to the Minnehaha (frozen) waterfalls. I wanted to get a shot from behind the falls (a colleague send me an amazing pic she found online and now I wanted one too). However, after almost being dragged down by some other dare devil (who fell) I decided to go back down and take a pic in front of the falls in stead. I could not get in the shot because the park po po arrived. It turned out the park was closed for the season and we were kinda trespassing. So on the bucket list for now: ‘how to get behind the Minnehaha waterfalls’.



xx Mishanou


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