Ever since I’ve been visiting L.A. more frequently, New York went from being my number one to being my second fave city in the world. Of course ‘Yorkie’ will still remain one of my happy places as I love walking around in The City and exploring different parts of it (no subway cause down there turns into a steam room during the summer). Shopping is not even important to me whenever I’m there, I just spend all my money at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. #Iheartfood Whether you’re walking around SoHo, Meatpacking District, Greenwich village or doing a ‘Blair Waldorf’ on the Met steps in the Upper East side, walking around NY is like walking around on a filmset. It was time for me to visit a different part of Manhattan. Harlem has been on my to-do list for a while. An area with a lot of (black) history and beautiful Brownstones that are being reconstructed and sold for millions. So let’s visit before the hipsters take over. Harlem is happening! Don’t believe me? Just watch!


Harlem is located in the northern part of Manhattan, also known as Upper Manhattan or Uptown and is named after the Dutch city Haarlem. Since the roaring twenties Harlem has been the residence of predominately African Americans (now a mixture of many cultures). There is a lot of black history to be found here. As well as art, literature, dance and music. ‘Uptown funk will give it to ya’.apollo

Music baby! Harlem has been the birthplace to many successful artists and musicians. Rapper A$AP Rocky, P Diddy, Mase, Kelis, Keith Sweat and the late Tupac are all Harlem natives. The famous Apollo Theater is located on 125th street. It’s been there since 1913/1914 and used to be a burlesque theater. When it was allowed for black people to enter as guests in stead of performing artists (in 1934) the name was changed to Apollo.


Natural hair heaven! Only natural hair and body Shea butter products are sold at this little stall. The owner was happy to tell me all kinds of interesting stories about the neighborhood.


Brownstones! You can find these in many NY neighborhoods and I love them! I can totally imagine myself sitting on my front porch..having some fruit punch.. These Brownstones are all being reconstructed and sold for millions (anyone got a spare couple of millions lying around?)

Basically where it all happens, Lenox avenue or Malcolm X Blvd. A wide and busy street where most of the restaurants and shops are situated (and yes, I nearly got run over while I was taking the second picture).


Foodie melting pot. Get your munch on at Lenox Saphire. Grab anything from crab cakes to Caesar Salad, chicken wings or Senegalese fish patties. 341 Lenox Ave.harlem shake

And of course grab a bruger at Harlem Shake! 100 W Lenox Ave.

Harlem is very up and coming, still a little rough around the edges but thats’s the whole charm. Many buildings are being reconstructed and more and more establishments are popping up.

werk it


Another reason to visit Harlem, street parties! Bet you want to dance too.


Black history. A memorial site for Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.


Favorite street fruit when the temperature has three digits, watermelon! #summerinthecity


Tip: Sunday brunch at Barawine, from 11:30 tot 16:00 uur, grab a Bellini or mimosa and enjoy. 200 Lenox Ave.


Inside information:

Londel’s Supper club for your Sunday brunch or R&B and jazz evenings on Fridays and Saturdays. 2620 Frederick Douglass Blvd

– want to visit a outdoor concert? At Marcus Garvey Park. 18 Mt Morris Park West.

– music lovers need to visit The National Jazz museum. 104 E 126th Street.



Till soon Yorkie!

xx Mishanou

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