When I saw a trip to Sweden pop up in my roster I made a little happy dance. Because a visit to Sweden means: all cool everything. And as you might know, that is what I like to blog about ?. This time I was traveling to Gothenburg where I went looking for the trendiest hangout. I’ve done my research about where to go and double checked with the ladies from the hotel front desk. Whilst devouring her gum one of the ladies confirmed Haga was indeed the place to be. She highlighted the exact streets on the map and I was good to go. Note to self: Sundays in Gothenburg are real Sundays so besides the main shopping streets everything else will be closed. Despite that, there was enough left to explore and I made a new ‘to re-visit list’ for the future trips. Want to know more about my trip? Check out le blog below!


This is Haga, it’s like being back in the nineteenth century with these super cute wooden houses and cobble stone streets. Back in the day this used to be a no go area and you wouldn’t want to be caught dead here. About thirty years ago they gave the neighborhood a make over to make it more appealing to tourists. Fast forward to many years later it is now a hangout for hipsters with of course many bars, cafes and vegan restaurants.
made in china

According to the chewing gum lady this is the place to be for the best dumplings and Asia fusion food. I will definitely return here even if it is for the cool name and dito architecture. Made in ChinaTredje Långgatan 9.

le village antik

Closed…so on the ‘to re-visit list’: Le Village Antik. A store full of amaze vintage furniture (yes, I’ve stalked their Instagram) I spotted this cute baroque mirror with my name on it, Nordhemsgatan 24.


Never not searching for the organic stuff! Found this place on Linnégatan 40, organic-ish juice bar Pinkbär. When you enter you might get thrown off by the huge ice cream display but when go straight you’ll find the corner for juices and smoothies. A huge açai smoothie was made on demand so I couldn’t be happier..?vegan old corner

Trending in the rest of the world but already considered ‘classic’ in Göteborg, vegan restaurant Old Corner. Self proclaimed ‘best vegan in town’. Next to vegan sausages and nachos (cheese) you’ll also find organic meat dishes on the menu, Fjärde Långgatan 1.

haga pastries

For those cheat days coffee break you need to be at café Kringlan. The best place for people watching whilst nibbling away on your carrot cake. It will be worth the extra round at the gym, Haga Nygatan 13.

tacos & tequila

Basically where the whole city of Gothenburg was hanging out, Tacos & Tequila. The neighborhood looked like a small ghost town until we walked into this place. The perfect place to spend during a sunny day, they have a lovely terrace, Tredje Långgatan 9 (next to Made in China).

haga empty street

After my colleague took about one hundred pictures of me but also with one hundred people in the background we found this little gem! The perfect street style/Instagram spot in Haga without a living soul! So as you might understand, I had to Instagram the crap out of this street! And no..I did not photoshop anybody out of the shot…?


Hej då!


xx Mishanou



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