Ever since Gwen Stefani dedicated a whole album and clothing collection to Harajuku girls I’ve been curious about Tokyo. Is Tokyo really that cool? Do girls have a wicked sense of style? Are the streets like catwalks? And what about those underground malls? Well, I’ve been to Tokyo a couple of times now and Gwen was right! A guide to the coolest Tokyo neigbourhoods.

Shibuya, home to the famous diagonal crossing. At night it looks like Times Square with all  the colorful neon lights. And there is even a little bit of the French Provence in Tokyo at l’Occitane café.

A little treasure at Daikanyama station. CosmeKitchen. A organic beauty store with the best natural beauty products. The also sell Kora cosmetics by the australian super model Miranda Kerr. And don’t forget to get a delish organic juice or smoothie at the Juicery.

More Daikanyama. A neighbourhood that reminded me of a french version of West Hollywood (does that make any sense?). Cool boutiques like BonTon for the little ones (very french), Free  City (very West Hollywood), A.P.C. and cafes to be seen at like Michelangelo and Le Pain Quotidien. Make sure you visit the book store Tsutaya Books. They have the most beautiful coffee table books and the biggest selection of fashion magazines I’ve ever seen! (And a Starbucks that stays open until 2 am for when you’re Lost  in translation)  .

Tokyo to do:

Harajuku: from Harajuku station walk trough Takeshita street and shop at the small and cute boutiques. And get ready for the craziest street styles! (like Hello Kitty meets gothic Barbie)

Yoyogi park: after walking trough Harajuku walk back to Harajuku station. Next to the station you’ll find one of the biggest parks in Tokyo, Yoyogi park. Visit the Meji shrine and on sundays don’t miss the japanese rockabillies showing their dancing skills. And also other subcultures on their imaginary catwalk. In spring have a picknick underneath the gorgeous cherry blossoms.

Ginza: want to do some serious upscale shopping? Then Ginza is the place to be! Considered one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world, with beautiful boutiques like Cartier, Chanel and Dior. And also the most wide ranged department stores.

Shinjuku: for the best night life. From concert halls to tiny bars. Entertainment starts here.

Underground malls: the most metro stations have a big range of stores. So if the weather is bad, no worries, you can easily spent hours shopping underground and lose track of time.

There is so much more to Tokyo! Will be checking out some other cool neighbourhoods next time. Until then, Sayonara!

Text and images: by Mishanou Montero

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