One of the questions I regularly get asked about my blog is, ‘okay, so who’s taking all of your pictures?’ I would love to answer ‘oh, just this photographer that always travels with me’, but the truth is far less glamorous. To be honest, this part of blogging is often giving me some anxiety. I do take most of the pictures but I would also like to feature in them myself. Otherwise it looks like you haven’t been there yourself and just copy/pasted some pics from the web and post them. Tripods are not an option because I have a certain ‘style’ or ideas when it comes to photography (like a picture taken from outside of a café, while I’m sitting inside) so that’s not going to work.

The best case scenario would be: a. working with your bestie, (but it’s not always possible to synchronize your schedules) or b. bringing a companion, (can’t do that every week) or c. find a nice colleague who will, put their own plans on hold just to take all of your pictures. Nope..not happening.. ‘Everything for the blog’ and I must admit once I sort of forced my best friend Maurits to go on a trip to LA with me. It was during his vacation and after we got back he had exactly one day off before returning to LA for the rest of his vacay. Oh and one time I kinda bribed a colleague..’oh it’s your first time here? Hmm.. Yes, of course you can ride along! Sure, I’ll show you some highlights!’ Hehe #takemypicture.

If forcing or bribing someone is not an option than all there is left to do is just ask a random stranger. Trust your instincts and hopefully that person doesn’t run away with your camera. I have this strategy to always ask a couple (preferably tourists) and suggest to take a picture of them together). Or ask someone who has a big camera dangling on their neck themselves.

During my flight to Hong Kong last week, I was telling my colleagues about my blog and plans for the layover when (yay!), my colleague (and photographer) Jan Eijk offered to take some pictures for my blog! (And I didn’t even had to bribe him!). My very own photographer..I could get used to this! Now where’s my glam squad for hair, styling and make up?!)

We got a little carried away shooting (about 150 of them) and in stead of finding some more HK hotspots we had a urban, gritty, street style photoshoot. No worries dear, not posting the entire spread but check out this itty bitty selection I made.







If only I could take Jan with me on every trip..! Would you like to see more of Jan’s work, check out his website.


Thanks ‘Juan’!


xx Mishanou


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