Whoever said that fashion and food don’t mix is clearly mistaking. Victoria’s Secret angels love themselves some Shake Shack burgers (just not during the months before the biggest lingerie show of the year, that is). And at fashion events good catering is just as important as wearing the latest fashion (if you need me, you’ll probably find me standing near the table with macarons). In Milan they know exactly how to make food fashionable. Many Italian designers expanded their fashion empires with cafés, clubs and restaurants. Having just a ‘ready-to-wear, resort collection’ or cosmetics line just doesn’t cut it. During my last trip to Milan I spend the day looking for the fanciest fashion cafés. Unfortunately the Marc Jacobs café was closed a few months ago (I was walking around in circles trying to find it). But luckily I could tick off some other hotspots on my list (thank you offline city app for saving my life!) Andiamo!

A trip to Milan is not complete without stopping by at the shopping dome Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. You’ll find this busy hotspot next to the famous Piazza del Duomo. It’s here where you’ll find Gucci Caffé.  It’s right next to the Gucci boutique so you’ll have a chance to contemplate your purchase while having an espresso. It’s not easy getting a table though because tiny café+busy spot= it’s going to take some patience.

café trussardi

Personal fave, Café Trussardi! This classic fashion label started in 1911 with small leather goods only. Later on they expanded the label with apparel, perfume and denim. Now you can also grab a bite at their café. Doesn’t matter if it’s a little chilly outside, the green indoor terras makes you think that you’re actually sitting outside. Only for party of two or more or you’ll get cast of to the bar..just like me..*sings: ‘all by myself’Piazza della Scala 5

The vitello tonnato was to die for! Doesn’t matter if it’s for (a business) lunch or dinner, you’ll love this place. Dresscode: city chique.

fashion face

Still don’t know if this is my ‘fashion face’ or my ‘I’m-being-photographed-by-a-stranger/awkward face! Café Trussardi.

dolce vita

La dolce vita.


Fashion inspo much? My suitcase is always packed with Italian fashion mags after a trip to this fashion capital.

Not a café but definitely a must visit, the Bulgari hotel. During the summer this hotel throws the most lavishing fashion parties in the private garden. Big chance you’ll run into ‘WAG’ turned online fashion influencer Winonah de Jong. Have lunch at the lovely restaurant, (a ‘cuppa’ of Earl grey tea will set you back €12 though..) or just hang out in the equally gorgeous lobby, read a coffee table book and have free hot chocolate and Bvlgari candy.



Hotel Bulgari is in the heart of the city, close to shopping heaven Via della Spiga and Caffé Armani. Via Privata Fratelli Gabba 7b.

armani caffé

The Empire.. This ‘signore’ basically owns half of Italy (you can tell by the huge ‘Emporio Armani’ sign that welcomes you at Linate airport). And of course you can get trademarked Armani coffee or water in Milan. Emporio Armani Caffé is quite laid back so feel free to stop by after a casual day of shopping. Doesn’t even matter if you’re wearing jeans. While you’re there, try the risotto, #yum.  Piazzetta Croce Rossa 2.

streets of milano

Some other must visit clubs and restaurants:

  • Just Cavalli Restaurant & Club: a hangout for models so this spot is very good for your self esteem. Killer view of Milan! Via Luigi Camoens c/o Torre Branca
  • Dolce & Gabbana Martini bar: boudoir chique (think red velvet wallpaper) for that Sicilian glam experience Corso Venezia 15


xx Mishanou

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