From Amstelveen to Los Angeles! A while ago I got this invitation to a Murad press event. I was exited to attend because I’ve know the brand Murad forever from my numerous visits to Sephora. The brand ‘once founded by a doctor’ was going to launch a new product and I was thrilled to hear more about it. Anything for eternal beauty, right? After the presentation I ended up talking to the ladies from Murads Dutch PR department. I was telling them about my job as a blogger slash flight attendant and that my next destination was going to be LA. ‘Los Angeles? That’s basically where our headquarters is located!’ ‘Would you like to stop by at our LA office and have a look ‘behind the scenes?’ Would I want to visit a huge skincare brand? Yes please! After a few emails back and forth I got ‘the green light’ and my first international meeting was a fact. I would get a office tour and a surprise at the end. Want to know more about the brand Murad? Let’s go, walk with me.

better every day

Murad is a family business founded in 1989 by dr. Howard Murad. When the doctor was seven years old he and his family moved from Iraq to the US. The family led a prosperous life in Iraq including a big house with servants. Life wasn’t easy after moving overseas and the family went from living in Long Island to a small apartment in Queens, NY. Dr. Murads father used to be a successful businessman but had to work as a underpaid messenger instead. It is from his father dr. Murad learned to always be positive, work hard and never give up. Murad is not only a skincare brand but a way of life. It’s not just about taking good care of your skin but about having a healthy mind, body and life.

award winning

Award winning! Best facial cleanser, Allure beauty awards and Shape beauty awards to name but a few.

‘Only tested on humans’. And not on animals #winning. There is also a ‘real time’ salon at the office where the staff is regularly asked to test the products.

murad art

‘Life is art’. Another one of the doctors many passions. You’ll find a lot of dr. Murads artwork throughout the office. He regularly has painting sessions outside on the patio. Hence the many paint splashes on the floor. This was definitely my favorite piece!

make it happen

Quote of the day: ‘Magic only happens when you create your own’. Couldn’t agree more #makeithappen.

chapter 4

Next to being a dermatologist, pharmacist and artist dr. Murad can also add ‘author’ to his bio. He has published many (self help) books to teach people how to end the so called ‘cultural stress‘. The list of everything we ‘have to do’ gets longer by the day. The pressure of always having to be online, replying tons of emails, working full time, taking care of your family and running a household. You can’t always keep up and you end up feeling like you’ve failed in life. The books contain many life lessons and tips on how to live a happy and healthy life. Feel good on the inside and it will show on the outside.

The office is very spacious and colorful. Every department has a different colored cubicle. If you feel like it, you can even run a track and have a workout. I would so do that!

honorable mentions

Honorable mentions. Murad is regularly featured in magazines like InStyle, MarieClaire, Shape and Harpers Bazaar.

murad sephora

Like a candy shop! Trying out some new products in the Sephora mockup.

dr murad

‘The artist at work’. Dr. Murad wasn’t at the office unfortunately (he was out for business) but he was there in spirit.

murad spa

After the office tour I was accompanied to the Murad Health Spa and was treated to a facial! I never take the time to get facials so I really enjoyed every minute of it #momentsofzen.


After the lovely facial I went back to the office, fresh faced and a little sleepy, to thank the staff and to say goodbye. (I really wanted to take a nap behind the desk actually). Would you like to know more about Murad, the skincare products and their way of life? Check out their website. ‘The best is yet to come’.


xx Mishanou


Special thanks to Kristine Kretz, Luciënne van Grasstek, Ultra Cosmetics and Mariska Brook.


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