Oh Curaçao, my dushi island. Fun in the sun with a standard temperature of 84 degrees. I wouldn’t mind if my boss would schedule me on that flight every single week. As a child I used to spend every summer vacation over there and luckily I get to return often for work or vacation. The only downside is: returning home tons heavier. Ok, not tons but you know what I mean. The good thing is, people on the island are getting more and more conscious about eating healthy but there’s still a long way to go. The Antillean kitchen is not well known for adding loads of fresh vegetables to the dishes. A typical Antillean dish contains fried banana, fried fish and stewed everything and the veggies are usually canned. It’s not because it is not available, it is, but it is also expensive. Of course it is very important to enjoy life, especially during your vacay but take the size of dress in consideration. How I try stay healthy during my stay at Curaçao? I’m telling you all about it in this weeks bloggie.

curacao batido

Like it’s very common to order coffee to go before work in the US, in Curaçao it is custom to get a batido (smoothie) on the way to the office. You’ll find a batido stand on every corner with the most delicious shakes. Personal faves, papaya due to the high concentration of vitamine A it is considered true beauty food! It does wonders for your hair and skin. And have you ever tried a mango and avocado (super food) smoothie? Heaven! Side note: if you want to keep your smoothie healthy make sure you tell them to not add sugar or honey. 

curacao masha dushi

The credits: the smoothies are ‘masha dushi’ (very delicious).

curacao road side

Watermelon is the best natural thirst quencher and has very high alkaline levels and detoxifies your body. Keep those slices coming!

curacao harmonia

When I was transitioning from chemically straightened hair to natural hair I was taking many different vitamines to let my hair grow faster. During a flight to Curaçao (I was planning to get the big chop that trip) I got a heavy allergic reaction. My face broke out and I looked like a strawberry. It made me self- conscious because as a flight attendant you’re also the face of the airline. As soon as we landed I went looking for organic extra virgin coconut oil to calm my skin. At Plaza, a famous market hall, they did have coconut oil but it was neither organic nor extra virgin. I had more luck at Harmonia, the islands best health store. Next to all kinds of supplements you’ll also find tahin for example and apple cider vinegar. The store can be found on Helmin Magno Wiels Boulevard.

curacao fruit market

Nature has so many health benefits. Did you know the fruit soraka (soursop or granviola) is very good for regulating your blood pressure, arthritis and even kills cancer cells? So the fruit and veggie market contains all kinds of natural remedies. Vacay or not, no excuses. Go to the market and load up your shopping basket. It’s also a nice tourist attraction. Fruit and vegetable market on the Floating Market in Willemstad.

curacao healing garden

Someone who also knows all about the fact that nature is full of gems is ‘herb lady’ Dinah Veeris. Mrs Veeris is very well known on the island and has been guiding and informing people in the historic garden for many years. She knows exactly which herb can be used for which condition. It’s not only educational it’s also very relaxing to take a walk around the garden #treehugger. 

love herbs

Love potion number 9 ?.

curacao deena veeris

Next to all kinds of different herbal teas you can also find herbal soap, natural ointments and salves in the associated shop. Herbal garden Den Paradera can be found at Seru Grandi 105a, Banda Ariba. 

deena herb garden

Did you know that next to alleviating headaches Oregano oil is a natural antibiotic?

tropical shakes

What I always love getting whenever I’m on the island is a bottle of aloë vera juice. And no, I’m not talking about the super sweet one with pieces of grape floating around in stead of aloë. But the pure, bitter tasting one. Natural aloë vera juice has a yellow-ish/ brown color and doesn’t taste sweet at all. It is very good for your digestion, immunity system, and helps to fight fatigue. It is also my favorite sports drink. I mix a shot of aloë juice together with a spoon of apple cider vinegar and add water.

During my last trip to Curaçao I really wanted to pay a visit to hofi Cas Cora a manor turned vegetable farm where they maintain the farm to table concept. Home grown and from the soil straight on your plate. Very organic and sustainable. Too bad the manor was closed and is only opened from Friday to Sunday. So I’ll leave that one for the next time!

So with a little effort it is possible to stay healthy during your stay at dushi Curaçao!

xx Mishanou


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