If you want your coffee place to stand out in New York you have to come up with a very good concept. There’s a coffee joint on every corner and with that I don’t just mean the one with the green/white mermaid creature. There’s something new opening up ever week and soon you’ll be old news. You could always paint your walls pink or come up with a nice backdrop (guaranteed success) but in summary: you need to continuously step up your A-game in the Big Apple. Luckily my colleague and New York based correspondent Marleen keeps me up to date with all the latest developments in The City. A while back she send me a string of Instagram screenshots of new places to check out but it took me a while before I could visit them all. There’s only so much you can fit into 24 hours. I did have one particular coffee place on top of my ‘to visit list’, I had been wanting to visit this one ever since I got notice of it. To be honest, it’s not the latest hot spot but still very much worth visiting. Want to know why? Just have a look.

‘I only drink designer..’ How cool is this? When you order a cup of the dark hot stuff at Coffee ‘n Clothes you can have it customized with your favorite brand/logo. Ok, I actually don’t drink coffee but lucky me, they also serve matcha latte. Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Chanel, Rolex or Dior, they’ll make it for you. Just one concept for your store will not get you very far these days so just like other companies join forces you can also find the works of new, young designers at this place.

Wall of coffee fame

Chanel cookies and matching Goyard cups, what’s not to like? It will cost you about $8.- but it is very original (and yes I did keep the Goyard cup). And I would love to have all those designer mugs in my cupboard.

I only drink designer..

Superficial? Oh yeah..

Shop now, cry later

You can easily spend a month worth of rent on the first floor of Showfields (‘the most interesting store in the world’) where Coffee ‘n Clothes is located. You can shop anything from jewelry to clothing, interior design and art. And make sure you don’t miss the special experience.

And now for the special experience. It is an alternative way to get from one floor to the other in stead of using the elevator. For me the experience was primarily very awkward (the hole was quite small and I didn’t want to leave my bag behind. It was clear I need more yoga practice because I couldn’t get my foot in properly. Whomever was sitting behind the security camera’s was having a field day, for sure!

Coffee place/art gallery/shop/ amusement park, how do you top this? Not an issue for New York. I have a phone full of screenshots yet to tick off during future New York trips.

xx Mishanou

Coffee ‘n Clothes, Showfields:

11 Bond st New York, New York.

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