If you are a regular on you’d know that I am always on the hunt for hotspots around the world. Sometimes I would visit a destination where finding those hotspots is a little bit more challenging. I am a firm believer that any destination is awesome, you just need to know where to go. And have enough time and do your research. Occasionally it just so happens that I either don’t have any inspiration or maybe logistic issues. The other day I visited New Delhi again after about five years. I didn’t have all the time in the world (only 24 hours) and because I haven’t done enough research I decided to go on the hunt for bohemian clutches in stead (like I don’t have enough of those..). I guess I forgot how heavy being in Delhi can be. It is here where I had my very first culture shock. There is just a lot going on. Cows randomly walking down the street, garbage everywhere, little children begging, lots of noise: drivers are communicating with their horns. But seeing the little children begging especially break your heart. And you just want to take all of them home with you. Either you love it or hate it but there are so many beautiful things about Delhi as well. Once I got to attend a Holi festival (a spring, start of a new season festival). People celebrate and throw colored powder at each other (if you get a handful on your scalp, it is there to stay forever!). I guess that is best way to describe Delhi, a ‘colorful explosion’. So this week, in stead of hotspots, a Delhi photo diary. Enjoy!

delhi market

First stop: handicraft markt Dilli Haat to find some cool bohemian clutches. Walking around it dawned upon me that I really have enough boho clutches at home and I didn’t need any more.

delhi market entrance

Beautiful woodcraft on the Dilli Haat market square.

delhi truck

How many fro’s can you fit in a small van? None..?

delhi fruit

Fruit and bikes.

delhi street

Walking around trying to find ‘chai’ (which is regular tea) when I was actually looking for traditional ‘masala tea‘ a very sweet and spicy tea #dûh.

delhi men

Colorful. The gentleman on the right didn’t want his picture taken (I always ask first). The man on the left was ok with it and persuaded him.

delhi horse

My colleague bought this horse an apple to munch on much to the bystanders amazement.

delhi rose café

Hey! Just ran into a ‘Instagram’ wall. Lets pose like we’re not posing ?.

delhi belt

From one extreme (Insta wall) to the other (garbage dump). Details: just after taking this picture a gentleman came to release a mouse from his cage right in front of my nose. Very animal friendly but that made me go back to the taxi within 00.1 sec ?.

delhi street 1

Bye dear Delhi, you were a lot but like Confucius once said : ‘everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it‘.



xx Mishanou

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