Never a dull moment in aviation! One of the requirements you need to become a flight attendant is to be able to deal with irregularities. Your schedule might say ‘arrival at’ but that could be hours later (there goes your after flight date). And just when you think you’ll be sleeping in Lisbon that night you end up having an unexpected layover in London. Getting into an airplane is never without risks. Yes, you have a bigger chance getting into a car accident than a plane crash but you can’t mess with Mother Nature. Think volcano eruptions, ash clouds and earthquakes, she has enough up her sleeve to disrupt your flight. Just like during my last trip to Quito, Ecuador. I had an early start that day. The alarm was set at six but I had been awake long before that (always afraid I’ll miss hearing the two (!) alarms). After a eleven hour flight, one hour drive from the airport to the hotel you can imagine the state I was in. I called it a day at six (didn’t care about the risk of lying awake in the middle of the night). After sleeping for about two hours my room started shaking. First I thought I was dreaming (Quito is at an altitude of 9000 ft, makes you do weird stuff) but soon I realized I was in the middle of an earthquake. After what seemed to be 30 seconds the shaking stopped. Nothing came down, the wall art stayed put and as I was well in the Twilight Zone I decided to continue my well deserved sleep. The next day it became clear that the earthquake had been quite severe and had done a lot of damage in other parts of the country (lots of people lost their lives). So my crew and I were very thankful to be safe. Soon it became business as usual and it was time to start the day. Take a look at how the rest of the day went.

There are many active things to do in Quito. Biking down the vulcano Cotopaxi, horseback riding or zip sliding. But didn’t feel like doing any of that so on to the local market to do some impulse shopping. Mercado Artesanal, Jorge Washington.


Seeing the fact I have about six thousand bracelets I am not allowed to buy any more. But I was tempted..

check it out

Haha, gotta love this salesman! #poser

chocolate paradise

Ecuador, the land of coffee and chocolate! Milk chocolate, dark, raw, I love it all. I could’ve easily spend my entire allowance on chocolate but I ended up getting four bars. One with maca powder, spirulina (living on the edge) chili peper and 100% raw. Bought them for $3,50 a piece and later saw the same at the supermarket for $1,95. Oh well, it was worth it.

take it

My colleague really wanted me to get this hammock!


Sunday, bloody Sunday. The plan was to visit this café but it was closed. Better luck next time. Kallari, Wilson E4 – 266 y Juan Leon Mera.


Luckily chocolate café Republica del Cacao was open for business. Time for a break on the jungle like patio. Reina Victoria y Joaquin Pinto Esquina. Try their hot chocolate.


Sugar (how you get so fly).

the hills

Beautiful view from the city.

eat energize

It’s not easy getting a healthy meal in Ecuador. It’s like everything contains sugar! Bread, salad dressing, you name it. I found some semi healthy food at Freshii. You can get fresh juices and all kinds of salad bowls and service with a smile!  Belgica E9-15 y Av. De los Shyris.

la cuchara



Healthy mission accomplished!


Till next time!


xx Mishanou


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