It was while waiting in line to go through customs at the airport when it hit me. I looked down at my passport. I had it clutched in my hands for a long time (I do the same with my house keys, whenever I go home from somewhere, I hold them in my hands even though it’s going to take another hour before I arrive). It was then when I realized it wasn’t ok for a grown woman to have a Hello Kitty passport holder. I had been addicted to Hello Kitty merchandise for years. Little pink mirrors, keychains, basically anything pink Hello Kitty. In Japan, the birthplace of Miss Kitty, it might be super kawaii, (super cute) but after you’ve reached a certain age, it’s really not that sexy. Whenever I passed by a HK store I just had to pop in and buy something, even if it was just a pen. Until that day. I got rid of the HK passport holder immediately after arriving at the hotel. Today I travel with a somewhat more classy (and more mature) Mulberry passport cover (still pink by the way). As for all the other Hello Kitty stuff: I gave those away to a friends daughter. I am no longer addicted to buying HK things but I must say: I’m still tempted whenever I pass by a store. When I was in Taipei the other day I discovered a legitimate HK restaurant. Of course I had to take a look. Also want to have a look at the pink madness? Check out below.

HK dining

An A+ for their marketing strategy. Not only are there Hello Kitty stores but also lunchrooms, restaurants, a HK themed hospital and EVA air. Picture this: the flight attendants have HK aprons, HK catering, HK pillows and even check-in counters. Goals? To fly EVA air someday.

HK bow seats

How sweet is this interior? Pink bow shaped seats. Gets you cavities just looking at them..

HK wow

Of course the staff is dressed to cuteness. Lots of pink, bows, ruffles and lace socks…wow indeed.

HK washroom

Literally everything is pink!

HK lady

Just a reminder to ‘always be a lady’.

Whoever thought you could only get cupcakes and other sweet stuff, how about Hello Kitty burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and pasta? I just had a salad.

HK table

To prevent people coming in to just start Instagramming away, you have to spend a minimum of 300 Taiwanese dollar (about 9 us dollar) at the restaurant.

HK bye

Peace out Kitty! Although I got rid of all the HK goodies, (I do have a Hello Kitty patch on my denim jacket) there’s still a little part of me that will always be a fan. If you ever happen to be in Taipei and you’re craving a HK burger or pasta: No. 90, Section 1, Da’an. Even if it’s just to see what a completely pink toilet looks like.


xx Mishanou



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