As a kid I always used to get a bit jealous of my little schoolyard posse during summer vacation. They would usually spend the summer in Holland and were having all kinds of cool adventures and I always felt left out. I was never there. Because after the last day of school, I would always hop on a plane with my parents and leave for Curaçao for a good six weeks. No schoolyard adventures but family, (temporary) friends and six weeks of fun in the sun. Back then I didn’t realize how privileged I was because those vacations turned out to be best times of my childhood. After the time came that it wasn’t cool to go on vacation with your parents anymore I ended up not visiting my little island for 13 years. Thanks to my job I got to visit Curaçao on a regular basis again and every time it’s like going home. The happiest moments were definitely the ones I spend on the beach. Family barbecues, swimming in that clear blue water the entire day, not even an occasional jelly fish sting could get me out (lies, they would freak me out!). I’ve seen many beaches, even on the Maldives, but those Curaçao beaches are still my absolute faves! Take a look at a few of them. Swoon..

daai booi

Playa Daaibooi

This beach wasn’t always on my fave list. It used to be very rough with lots of washed up coral. One time my mom got in the water and was attacked by this huge rock, she still has a dent in her shin as a souvenir. So I surely wasn’t taking any risks and getting in. But this beach has had a major upgrade. It got cleaned up, there are some nice little beach shacks and a small restaurant. There’s a (natural) pier made of rocks (no, they don’t move), perfect for some Insta shots. This beach is not the biggest but during the week it’s nice and quite, perfect to recover from yesterday’s happy a hammock. Free entry.


Cas Abao beach

Ever since I’ve had an introduction dive here it’s been one of my favorite (paid) beaches. This is not only the place to get a padi but also a mani, pedi or a relaxing massage (check prices first). You have to pay 10 ANG or 6$ to enter by car. And a sunbed sets you back 5 ANG or 3$. Even though you have to pay to enter it’s a populair beach and on weekends it can get pretty crowded. Get there as early as possible. Only downside though, the shore is pretty rocky so either put some on some very unsexy water shoes or get in the water while making some very awkward moves. It’s up to you..


Kenepa Grandi! As a kid I only wanted to visit this beach, all day, everyday. Even the drive was fun. Some parts of the road were (and still are) very hilly so you just had to put your arms up and it was like being on a rollercoaster ride. The water here is so clear you don’t even need goggles to see. The edge (above where you first arrive) is a perfect spot for some cool pics and if you are an adrenaline junkie you can jump of the cliff (at your own risk). Kenepa went through some tough times but it is now the place to be again. It got tidied up and there’s also a little raft you can swim to. That rollercoaster road I was telling you about isn’t that fun at night, due to very poor or no lights at all. So make sure you go home before it gets dark. Free entry and parking. I’ll bet this will be your fave too!


Take me back please!

xx Mishanou

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