Bangkok, either you love it or you hate it..  Some think it’s just a dirty city others love it and immediately go into that go with the flow vibe and stop combing their hair and wear nothing but harem pants. I used to be a fan of this city until my last vacay. Bangkok was just a stopover before I went on to the island Koh Tao. Just a few days to relax and get used to the time difference. The usual: go to backpackers safe haven Kao San Road for some street food and a massage. (flying coach is no joke) But the hassle began at the taxi stand. The pink taxis have a huge sign that says TAXI METER on top but try finding a taxi that actually wants to switch on the meter. Good luck. They charge the most ridiculous prices for 5 minute drives. Tuk tuks are happy to take you to your destination but not before you buy a whole sale amound of jade or jewelry on the way. If not than the prices rise. Kao San Road is just not what it used to be. It’s not authentic anymore and now it’s just a bunch of people trying too hard.

Whats also sad about Bangkok: ladies (sometimes formerly boys) selling their bodies and lots of old men swarming around them while little children are sitting on the ground begging for money. Call it jetlag or a high level of empathy but seeing this kinda makes you sad.

The thing is, Thai people are done with tourists. They want everything almost for free and even want to negotiate when buying a 50 Baht (a dollar 70) Pad Thai. Really? So on the other hand it’s understandable that they want to squeeze out every cent from those annoying tourists. But if you don’t want to be negotiating non stop just stay one night in Bangkok and fly to a beautiful island instead.



On track.


Pad Thai for breakfast lunch and dinner.


Rooftop drinks at Lebua.



Midnight cravings.


Pedi time.


Overrated…Kao San Road.




Buddha’s and temples.


Love handle elimination starts on monday! #detox



pictures: by Mishanou


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