Like everything beauty trends come and go. These days we all seem to be obsessed with having a Kim K. butt, a larger than life pout and having such a baked and contoured face even your own grandmother won’t recognize you. A lot has changed during the past years. In the nineties it was all about the grungy, teenage angst, skinny waif look (kicked off Kate Moss’ career). And with the rise and rise of Jennifer Lopez early 2000, curves became socially accepted and having a butt became the goal of many women. Nowadays having a slight cartoonesk behind seems to be the number one priority. On the other side of the globe in, lets say Japan, women follow totally different beauty trends. They love to look as girly as possible and are far less into having curves. They also love to have more caucasian features such as a light skin, big eyes, small face. Every time I’m in Japan I get fascinated about the fact that many girls want to look like living dolls rather than themselves. During my trip to Tokyo last week I decided to buy and try out some things myself. Want to see what I got? Super Kawaii!

smaller face

For a smaller face

The first time I ever laid my eyes on this apparatus I didn’t directly know what it was for. A Japanese colleague told me it was used to ‘get a smaller face’. Massaging your face with this device for several minutes per day will change the natural shape of your face.. Right


Doll eyes

As a child I was fascinated by the (Japanese) cartoon Candy, Candy.  A coming of age cartoon about a little blonde orphan with huge eyes. So I really wanted to try out these doll eye contacts for old times sake. These contacts are very popular and give you the ultimate deer-caught-in-the-headlights look. They are available in all colors imaginable and you can even get Hello Kitty ones. When I finally got the contacts in I totally freaked myself out and couldn’t even look in the mirror. It really looks creepy!

Pour it up

There’s a solution for everything without even having any surgery. Want bigger eyes? Just use a piece of eye crease tape to create an extra eyelid and you’re good. Want a smaller mouth? Just use the mouth trainer to exercise those muscles. And cheers to not having wrinkles and kick back your bottle of liquid collagen.



The must have for many Japanese women. Every night, just before going to bed, these masks are soaked with any moisturizing, whitening or collagen serum and applied to the face. While you’re at it, apply any moisturizing hand lotion, slip on your cotton gloves and good night. Sexy? Not really but everything for youthful skin!

japanese beauty tools

Beauty tools

With so many beauty tools available it seems that Japanese women opt for facial exercises rather than getting plastic surgery. It takes a lot of discipline though..! After using it once I’m already done with the face massage thing! But hey, persistence pays.


I bow down for everyone with contacts! I don’t wear glasses or contacts myself so getting these doll eyes in and out was a traumatic experience! I mean, poking your eye..?! #anythingfortheblog

broken doll

Broken doll

Global beauty trends keep fascinating me. I saw this documentary the other day about beauty standards from different parts of the world. But what’s sad to see is that many African and Asian woman are still using dangerous bleaching cremes because they think having a light skin is prettier and gives them more chances in life. Personally I think being yourself and being comfortable in your own skin makes you pretty but I also understand that some things are culturally driven and are deeply rooted. It won’t change overnight but slowly and surely ‘this too shall pass’.

Happy girls are the prettiest!


xx Mishanou

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