When I scroll down my Instagram feed one destination certainly keeps popping up. New York or Yorkie as I lovingly call my second home, is very well represented. Despite of always having a very short layover and being an overwhelming but energizing city at the same time I love coming back here each time. I always try to come up with a new subject for my blog and do the necessary preparations but sometimes things don’t always turn out like you expect them to. Just like the other day. I visited Yorkie in the weekend and that means: flea markets scattered all over town. My next blogpost was going to be about the best flea markets of New York. It’s safe to say that I’m quite the expert on vintage markets so I went to visit them with very high expectations. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a little bit disappointing. In the mean time my friend and colleague (and New York resident) Gwen found out I was in town. She was in the midst of shooting her new movie but she was going to see if I could visit her on set. If I would like to. Of course I would! I love me some Hollywood glamour and it would be great to catch up with her again.Want to know how that went down and how I spend 24 hours in New York? Keep on reading, my friend!

hell's kitchen vintage

Highly regarded so high expectations, Hell’s kitchen flea market. It was supposed to be the b.o.m.b. but it wasn’t more than a hand full of stalls. Steep prices, no bargaining (or maybe I just suck at it). And after about 10 minutes I was kinda done.

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All the same, Hell’s Kitchen is a very nice neighborhood to visit. I especially loved the contrast between the skyscrapers and low rise buildings.

vintage shopping

‘Get me outta here’, I was counting how may steps it would be to the exit..?

Meanwhile, Gwen got the green light and told me I could come over and visit her on set. I had quite a walk ahead of me because the filmset was all the way down in TriBeCa. Eventually I took the subway because it started raining and my ‘fro’ doesn’t like that. After arriving on 6th avenue I registered and got my visitors pass and went up the 20th floor. After a not so warm welcome from the lady who was in charge of the whole set (she thought I was an extra that was running very late #sohollywood) I did manage to get a part in the movie! Ok, not so much a part but I did get to be an extra. I had to sit behind a table and pretend that I was reading a book (which was actually a Breitling flyer, haha!). So if and when I get my big break in Hollywood you’ll be the first to know! ?


two hands
After briefly catching up with Gwen between takes it was time for me to go and get lunch. Being not very far from SoHo I decided to go to blogger hang out and café Two Hands. Word on the blog was that they had one of the best açai bowls in town. Again, high expectations and all I went up there. When I got there, there was a line so that was a good sign. Because I was riding solo I didn’t have to wait long and I got a seat behind the window at the singles table.

açai two hands

This turned out to be the worst açai bowl I ever had. It was a tiny bowl and it tasted very sour and not at all açai like. Won’t recommend this one. The Macha latte and I didn’t go together either so after a short visit I decided to call it a day. There was nothing left for me to do than shop my disappointment away.

duane reade

Hair products make me happy! I always take advantage of the fact that my fave hair products are way cheaper in the States than back home. So stock up and on we go.

whole body

Also, I love buying supplements over here. My usual run to Whole Body to buy some vitamines and fluoride free toothpaste and aluminum and paraben free deodorant #rockandroll. ?

flat iron

It started raining again and I still didn’t have a picture to share on Insta. When I got to Flat Iron Building it stopped raining and decided to do a shoot over there in stead. I couldn’t fit all the details in the picture so it was either me or the Flat Iron (#diddycrop). So in case you didn’t know: this is the way it actually looks.

It was getting to the end of the afternoon and I had to go hotel bound. Just stopped by Trader Joe’s to get some healthy stuff to have during my flight back home. My next flight to Yorkie is already scheduled so very happy to be back in my second home soon!

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Till soon NY!


xx Mishanou

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