Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, we’re all a little addicted to these platforms, right? Many of us are walking around or sitting staring at a screen all day (mom!) checking out what everyone is sharing. But is sharing is not always about caring. Life pretty much happens online. And the world is your audience (eating popcorn and enjoying all your shenanigans). When it comes to social media moderation is key. Don’t overshare (that’s what diaries and besties are for). But as a blogger or anyone with a business of some sort, you really need social media  to get the word around. My personal Facebook is completely sealed and if I don’t know you, I won’t accept your request. My Instagram feed however, is open for everyone to see. (Contradiction, is that you?) Side note: I must say, on Instagam I keep everything quite on the surface. No pictures in uniform, no pics in the house and I don’t share anything about my love life (if you want to keep your relationship, keep it of social media!) #freeadvice. Still, I thought it would be nice to let you know more about myself than my love for macarons, Chanel and reality tv (last part I’m done with by the way). So still a little on the surface but you can consider this a ‘get to know me tag’. Twenty things you didn’t know about The Trend Attendant! Here goes..

  1. Iguanas are my biggest fear in life!! I used to spend my childhood vacays at Curacao and I can’t tell you how many times I ended up standing on table after spotting one those green monsters. What really traumatized me for life was finding a frozen iguana in my grandparents freezer (to make soup, an old Antillean dish) with his tongue hanging out and eyes turned away. Never went near that freezer again (or had soup).
  2. All of my jeans are ripped. The only ones that are not destroyed are the flared. So time for me to buy nice looking jeans and stop looking like a homeless person.
  3. Spotted a spider? I’m your girl, I’ll be happy to remove it for ya! No fears there funny enough…
  4. I’m a very slow reader. That’s why I never borrow books from friends. I’m currently reading five books at the same time. I only take time to read books when I’m on vacation.
  5. I don’t smoke, never have and never will (deal breaker).
  6. You will never see me wearing white shoes. The only exception I made is for white All Stars.
  7. I get really awkward whenever I have to make calls to agencies or make business calls. I say really weird thing or start to stutter (which I never do).
  8. Really don’t like taking selfies (and I never like them on Insta). And If I ever take one I always smile on them so no #duckface.
  9. I get really cranky if I don’t work out regularly. And when I’m tired or hungry, better keep your distance.. (#hangry)
  10. Six years ago I attempted to go natural for the first time. Kept it up for two months #fail.
  11. I have this thing with languages. I pick up on languages really quickly. Put me anywhere for two weeks and I’ll pretty much have it down. Numbers? Not so much..
  12. Speaking of: I’m the master of accents. The Scottish accent is my fave.
  13. I am borderline allergic to cats. Whenever I visit friends with cats I can only stay for a few hours (sorry Niels!).
  14. Did you know I start a ‘no sugar diet‘ every Monday? And break that diet by Monday evening because I went grocery shopping after my gym visit and spoiled my appetite with a bar of Tony Chocolonely?
  15. My best friend Maurits came up with the name ‘The Trend Attendant’. It’s basically his blog..
  16. I’m a digital moron, computer illiterate. And I harass Maurits at the most ungodly hours because I messed up something on my blog again.
  17. Before I got approached to become a guest blogger I had a so called ‘google phobia‘. I made Pinterest and found out I could be googled because of that. I panicked and immediately removed the account. Nowadays I’m all over the place and over it.
  18. I’m the most unorganized person in the world. Good planning is not my specialty. I always leave everything until the last moment because I perform better under pressure.
  19. I’m very good at imitating people. If things don’t work out with le blog I can always take up acting!
  20. Dutch is my first language but I speak English half of the time. And this annoys the crap out of many people! My frenzies are used to it and have accepted it, I think..


xx Mishanou



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