Just one more week until my big chop anniversary! It’s already been six months since I’ve said goodbye to my relaxed tresses. Already six months since my scene in the caribbean hair salon. And six months since I’ve sported a top knot. Wondering what kind of reactions I got on my new do? Think it’s easier to style and take care of my hair now? And do I still like my new curls? Read all about my new life as a curly girl.


To keep it short and sweet: I absolutely don’t regret going natural! The only thing I regret is not going natural years ago. But I’m also a firm believer that there’s a time and place for everything. And nowadays there are just so much more products for natural hair. And to be honest: I don’t know how I would’ve worn the hat that was part of my previous uniform. Small hat vs big hair! Bluntly changing your hairstyle: meaning chopping off most of your hair does give you a new found confidence. I mean, you’ve done a very bold and brave thing. And not only that but also getting totally new hair in return. (I seriously have three different curl patterns) That took some getting used to. Having natural hair means never knowing how your ‘hair day’ will be.

Shrinkage: something naturals deal with

Back in the day, (six months ago that is) fog, drizzle and random airconditioning drops were public enemy number one to me. After sitting under the hair dryer for 45 minutes I really could not afford to get moisture of any kind in contact with my hair. Say hello to my frizzy hair! So I thought being a new born naturalista I could just keep on dancing when it started to rain on festivals, which it always does.. That I could leave the house without an umbrella and that I could delete the weather app of my phone. Wrong! Turns out natural hair and damp weather don’t go together. My hair still gets frizzy and even shrinks when it’s raining. My hair gets 2 inches shorter after arriving on an caribbean island. I can already tie my hair together but because it’s so curly and ‘shrinky’ you wouldn’t think I could.


I don’t need a hoarders intervention yet but I think I probably own every line that Shea Moisture ever produced! It’s my favorite brand and I just love their natural, paraben and junk free shampoo’s and conditioners. I can get the most of the Shea Moisture products here in Holland but I prefer getting them in the US because it’s much cheaper over there. If I start seeing too many empty spots in shampoo storage closet I’ll just request a flight to the US to buy a new load, (sounds horrible I know!). I also love-love-love raw organic Shea butter. Natural hair can be very dry and this stuff does miracles! I mix it with essentials oils and make my own styling creme. No one ever said that having natural hair would be cheap.

Yay or nay?

What the peeps think. Honestly, I only got super duper reactions! Just a few of them made me go ‘hmmm’.

There was the rhetorical question: ‘what do you think?’ Or the: ‘I need to get used to it‘. (no you don’t..) And there was the ‘totally missing the point’: (after posting a picture on social media someone sent me a private message) ‘if your hair has too many knots just apply some relaxer (!) but just leave it in for a short while’. Wait, what?

I also got a lot of  ‘oh my god I loooove your hair!’ ‘Cool hair, I want!’ And ‘you look like Annie! (you know, ‘Tomorrow’ Annie, haha!) But also: ‘your hair makes me happy’. (still don’t get that one..) But funniest reaction I got was in Fukuoka, Japan not long ago. I ordered some room service and the room service guy that brought my dinner was a very chatty, jolly fellow. But he didn’t look at me until he presented me the bill to sign. His eyes lid up when he saw my hair and the rest of the conversation went like this. Him:’ooooooh!! Your hair!! Natural?’ Me:’yeah’. Him: ‘ooooooh!! Can I touch?! (normally NOBODY can touch my hair or fries for that matter) But with a very big exception I said: ‘eeeh..sure..?’ Him: with a flat hand *bounce, bounce, bounce* amaaaazing!’ After the fifth bounce I was like ‘ok dude!’ Home boy was so happy. Awkward!

Long or short?

I never thought I’d say this but I’m kinda liking the short hair. Even though taking care of (short) natural hair takes a lot of time and is not necessarily cheap I don’t regret it one single minute! However having a bad hair day with long hair is easier. You just put on a hat or get an updo. So I for now I just have to own the occasional bad fro days. I am currently growing out my hair but I won’t rule out a upcoming haircut. I’ll keep on experimenting with home made styling cremes, braid outs, bantu knots, flexi rods and curl formers. But it’s safe to say that I’ll never use a relaxer again!

The cons of natural hair

-can’t wear hats anymore! (and I love hats)

-rain is still public enemy number one

-taking care of (short) natural hair is very time consuming

The pros

-thick and healthy hair

-no more breakage

-no more chemicals

-cool hair!

xx Mishanou


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