Remember those lessons your elders taught you? ‘Always be polite’, ‘always wear proper underwear, you never know if you’ll be in an accident’, ‘never get married before you’re thirty’. Well, I have one more you need to remember..

When I am not busy traveling the world, you’ll probably find me in the gym. I work out about three times a week. It’s like meditation for me, working up a good sweat, with my fave music blasting in my ears. Just like the other day, I threw a pair of leggings (which I’d never wore before, let just say an emergency pair of leggings) a towel and a bottle of water in my bag and off to the gym I went. I was getting my gym on, squatting and bench pressing away. Prancing around, feeling totally good about myself. I was sitting on the leg press machine when a guy came up to me. He stood before me and I (a little annoyed with him messing up my flow) turned off my music to hear what he had to say. My ‘how dare you disturb me’ face on point. He, very carefully started: ‘hi, ehm, yeah well, I just wanted to say and ehm, I guess you probably don’t know but your pants are majorly shining through and you’re basically walking around in your thong..’ Shut.UP!! You have GOT to be kidding me?? He continued making it even more awkward: ‘I mean, you have a nice butt and all but..’  One would think that by now I’d thrown a towel over my head  (or wrapped around my waist) and ran out of the gym. But no.. I thought: ‘he must be overreacting, it can’t be that bad’. And being the health freak that I am, I still had a 30 minute run to go. So I went up, walking less confident by now, to the cardio area for my last exercise. There was a lady already walking on another treadmill. I went up to her, turned my rear towards her and without any introduction just asked her, ‘can you see my butt?’ Shameless. But luckily she said, ‘no, not shining through’. See? Nothing to worry about..

Half an hour passed by, ready, let’s go home. Still wanted to check if I really didn’t moon the whole gym. Quick check in the locker room mirror. And there it was, unmistakably, very clear, hard to miss, may I present to you, my butt!! Like I was wearing pantyhose. You could even read the label of the leggings! OMG! So glad that dude told me, otherwise I’d never known that I had my first streaking experience!

So, please! Girl and guy code, always tell someone whenever they have toilet paper on their shoe, lipstick on their teeth, skirt in the pantyhose situation or a There’s Something About Mary hair thing going on. And before you leave the house, always, always check your back!!

(and never ever work out in a pair of leggings..)


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