Do you ever have one of those days? A day that starts of pretty random and ends unexpectedly? Last Sunday was basically one of those days for me. It was well into the day and I was still in pj’s being all tired from my LA flight the other day. Until Niels, my good friend, colleague and selfie expert texted me. ‘Time for tea?’ Me: ‘sure! But I’m not (camera) ready!’ N: ‘No worries, see you in Bergen in about 30 to 45 minutes?’ Me: ‘okay!’ Well, 1,5 hours later (whoopsie) I finally arrived in Bergen aan Zee to have that tea. After chitchatting for a couple of hours I realized that our parking time was nearly over and we needed to get back. Still not ready to call it a day Niels suggested that we should go see some tulips fields ’cause it’s the golden hour darling! Fabulous lighting!’ Anyways the day ended up in me getting a photography crash course and a hysterical and hilarious photoshoot! Check out the madness below!

Lesson 1: how to look cool between tulips.

Lesson 2: how to take a selfie.

Lesson 3: how to jump, almost fall and how to recover.

‘I want to lay you down on a bed of eeh tulips..’ It seemed like such a good idea..


Lesson 5: how to photo bomb.


So happy that spring has finally sprung!


x Mishanou

Pictures: by mrbekker


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