It’s still 2014 but as you might have read here I’ve been planning to chop off my relaxed hair in the beginning of next year. I was planning on transitioning for 12 months but after 10 months lost my patience. It got more and more difficult to take care of two textures and my hair started to break off. Time to chop!

On one hand..I was excited to cut off my hair. But I was also scared! Short hair? Can I pull that off? And what about my texture?How will that turn out? I had been hoarding all sorts of products for my old/new natural hair. Now I just needed to find the right hair stylist. Because this was a life changing moment and not may not be done by just anyone.

Okay, lets do this. Let’s find the right stylist. There are enough black hair studios around but I had no idea who to go to. And the prices! A hundred euro to cut natural hair? Really? No, thank you. But, perks of being a flight attendant, I had a flight scheduled to Curacao: and what would be more awesome to literally go back to my roots on the island where my roots actually are? (oh and way more affordable)

Mommy dearest was already on the island enjoying her vacay (and she could morally support me) and made an appointment at a very popular hair stylist. He was well know for his cutting skills. And I was ready. The appointment was at 11. I’ll keep the tantrum to myself but let’s just say that I finally took a seat in the chair…at 12.15. After I calmed down and slightly embarrassed by my own diva antics I took the time to instruct the stylist. Because, first things first, I need to Instagram this. Moments later we had the shot and we could continue to what I actually came for, the Big Chop. ‘Just cut the relaxed part, please!’ And there he went…without any warning…like a true Edward Scissorhands..a big *CHOP*. ‘Put some love into it’, I yelled. But the artist was busy and I couldn’t reach him anymore. And then, I promised myself I wouldn’t, I bursted into tears! No beautiful ‘I’m getting married’ tears but the ugly cry! Right there in the salon. The stylist didn’t know how to react, mommy dearest started panicking the other clients grabbed their phones and started filming! (ok, kidding) but ish just got real!. The only thing I kept thinking was ‘could I wear a hat with my uniform?’

Before and after the ugly cry.

The Morning After.

I wasn’t happy. My hair was so short! And so dry. ‘Just buy a wig’ my friend M texted. ‘It’ll grow fast in winter!’ (mommy dearest’ little white lie). ‘Cool!’, friends H, D and N spirit uplifting texts said.  I didn’t have the right products in my suitcase and my hair looked like crap. What have I done??

The Week After.

A week after the Big Chop it happened. I’d been watching Youtube video’s non stop and I finally figured out how to take care and style my hair. Drying it with an old tee in stead of a towel, sleeping on a silk pillow case, natural products, the works. My curls were popping and I was happy! Never before had I taken so many selfies (and I dislike selfies). Now my hair is super healthy and growing like crazy. Even though it takes a lot of time to take care of natural hair (no washing and you’re on your way) I’m super happy to be natural. And by this time next year, I want Diana Ross size hair!(did I already mention I was happy?):-)

Thanks for reading!

Images and text: by Mishanou and a special thanks to Esther Reenis a.k.a. Momma

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