AU NATUREL’s a thing. You always want what you don’t have. If your hair is straight you want curls and the other way around. I’ve been relaxing my hair for so long that I don’t even know what my natural hair looks like anymore! Whenever a tiny curl popped up I turned to the creamy crack. My hair had to be straight as an arrow.Until nine months ago. I was done. Natural hair became a trending topic (for me that is) and all of a sudden it was okay to wear your hair natural. I wanted my hair to be big and healthy again. And I’m borderline health freak but still I covered my head with a corrosive chemical every six weeks! No es bueno.. So, no more! The Trend Attendant is going back to her roots!

There are two ways to go natural. The BC , (the big chop) cutting your hair short or shaving your head and let it grow back natural. Or transitioning, patiently growing out your relaxer. And little by little cut the relaxed parts every few weeks. Being a little chicken I chose to grow out my relaxer. No big chop for me…yet.  

How do you chemically relax or straighten your hair?

There are many ways to relax or straighten your hair. Nowadays there are much more options like keratin treatments. But I used the most common one, chemical relaxer. It literally calms your hair down. Makes it straight but also thin. You can have your hair ‘did’, at a black hair salon ($$$) or buy a relaxer kit at a drugstore and call in the troops. (I always harassed my mom).

Before you start you’ll have to part your hair in about four or six sections. Like I said, the relaxer is chemical and corrosive so you want to protect your edges and ears with a layer of Vaseline or a protective gel.  The kit also contains plastic gloves. Part your hair with a pointy comb and apply the relaxer part by part, and touch up your hair.

After completely applying the relaxer you thoroughly comb it trough to make your hair super straight. By this time, the burning sensation has started! When it’s time to rinse it out you wash your hair with a special neutralizing shampoo. After that you cover your hair with big rollers and pop under a dryer for 45 minutes. Oldskool!

Quite a hassle, right? I’m over it and I’m ready to welcome back my natural curly hair again. The thing with transitioning is: you need patience and that I do not have (but I’m hanging in there). And you have to deal with two different hair structures. And that’s not easy. I can’t wear my hair down anymore because that’s not a good look. To speed up the growing process I’m taking extra vitamins like Biotin. Works like a charm! (but be prepared to daily shave your legs as well..)

So this is the hairstyle you’ll be seeing me with for the coming four months. After that I will celebrate my 1 year relaxer-free-anniversary and cut off my hair… Scary!!

So stay tuned!

Love, Mishanou

Images and text: by Mishanou

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