While I open the internet banking app on my phone, a message pops up in the bank mail. ‘Dear Madam, from now on the interest on your savings account is 0.000000001 percent. Le sigh, why do I even bother? Surely you always need to have some emergency money. But if you want to do some hard core investments your savings account is not really the way to go. For a moment there I even tried to go into Bitcoins, but it was all a bunch of abracadabra to me. And to be honest, I don’t like to gamble with my money. I could make an attempt to buy some properties in our capital. But it seems that a certain Dutch prince already beat me to it. 😉. Basically, if you want to do some long-term investments, using just cash it not really the answer. Without being really aware I made a purchase a few years ago, which turned out to be a vey good investment. The Trend Attendant goes investment advisor! Find out why buying a Chanel bag is a very good idea!

Inflation proof

We all know that buying a brand new car is a bad investment. Right after you leave the car dealer your newly purchased ride is already worth way less. But, next to gold, just what is a good asset? Well, nowadays it’s a good idea to invest in bags! And not just your ordinary bag but a Chanel bag. About nine years ago a new classic flap bag would set you back about €2800 (ridiculous, I know 😩). Today you have to lay down about €5000 for that same bag! Which is like a small car..😳). Like other luxury brands Chanel has a price increase every year. Sometimes even twice a year so the bags will keep their value. So, I’m guessing in ten years a new Chanel will cost 10K?😱


The majority of my wardrobe is very colorful. Even though it will probably always stay that way, I am currently trying to put together a capsule wardrobe. So, less fast fashion and more investing in high-quality key items. Such as: the perfect leather jacket, denim, cashmere knit, (black, gray and beige), oversized camel coat etc. These can be endlessly mixed & matched and it is also better for the environment. What is sustainable and always goes with everything? That’s right, a Chanello. It doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing, with a good, classic Chanel bag your look is always complete.

The best vintage Chanel collection ever, spotted at Amore Vintage in Tokyo.


If you really love your bag and there’s no need to sell it, you can always have your children or nieces/nephews inherit it. A Chanel bag will always be in fashion (that’s if you haven’t chosen for an impossible model). And if those kiddos don’t like it they can always sell is for some extra $$$.


Ok, this doesn’t go for all styles (I also own a Chanel WOC (wallet on chain) which next to a phone and some bank cards, fits about nothing). But my first ever Chanello (I went big) can be used in multiple ways. It’s big enough to carry your daily stuff and you can style it differently. You can keep the strap long and wear it cross body, make it shorter and wear it as a shoulder bag, tuck the strap away and voilà, it’s a clutch! It’s basically more bags in one (tell that to your partner😜). Still on my never ending wishlist: a Chanel backpack, super functional yet fashionable!

It’s basically art

The Chanel sisters do lunch

Perfect stitching, pristine finish, sturdy caviar leather, these iconic bags are always made with craftsmanship. I always look forward to the email from Chanel with a link to their fashion show so I can check the beautiful new bags carried by the models. I even made a separate Chanel board on Pinterest. Sometimes I spend entire evenings ‘pinning’ Chanel bags (kind of like placing orders into the Universe 😇). A Chanel bag is just art in my opinion. I mean, have you seen the Chanel x Pharrell collection?

Still on my Chanel wishlist? A classic red flap bag and a backpack..for now..

Would you save up and invest in a Chanel bag?

xx Mishanou

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